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June Updates 2019

June Updates

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One of our famous sunsets!

What’s Happening

New Partnership!

In addition to Discover Real Estate, I am officially the representative in southwestern Nicaragua for 7th Heaven Properties.  They are dedicated to real estate sales in the entire Caribbean and Central American market, and they have emerged as one of the world’s leading independent specialists in this region representing high-end residential and commercial properties. As their new representative, I will be updating their current listings for Nicaragua and adding several new ones from my Discover listings. With this, I will be able to help you buy properties in other areas outside Nicaragua! Check out their website and let me know if you want information on any of the listings you see in or out of Nicaragua!


Since May 13th, the first rain of the 2019 rainy season, we have received 30 inches of rain; to put this in perspective, last year we only received 50 inches for the entire rainy season that ends the beginning of November!! I hope we continue to have a very active rainy season to replenish the aquifers after several years of less than normal rainfall.

To prevent mould when the humidity is high from all the rain, leave a ceiling fan or floor fan (oscillating is best) on 24/7 to keep the air circulating and your residence and items free of mould. In addition, you can purchase DampRid moisture absorbers for your closets or any room prone to humidity problems.

Check out my funny Facebook post, Alice and I were taking new photos of properties and were stuck in a river crossing. 5 Nicaraguan men pushed us out of our muddy predicament! One of the many reasons I love living here; Nicaraguans are always willing to help and I’ve never worried about not having an auto club membership for service

Is it safe to visit?

This is the question I answer the most; I can reassure you that it is!  Yes, there are more police on the roads and at major intersections in the bigger cities but they are not targeting tourists or anybody for the most part. They are just standing around looking bored watching traffic go by or occasionally stopping motorists to do a purely random check of documents. Once you get to SJDS, you will realize it is just as it always has been but with less tourists. We really do live in a little bubble here or in my case “My Own Little World” if you have seen my bumper sticker. Stay away from anything political and you will be safe. OHHH but they do have radar guns now so watch your speed limit!


Stargazing is becoming a very popular pastime in Nicaragua! From Nicaragua, you can see 86 of the 88 constellations thanks to our location and the low levels of light pollution. If you love stargazing, ask me about investing in Big Sky Ranch where the stars shine brightly and check out this link about their stargazing magic!

Las Escadas

Las Escadas Condos is a safe and secure investment opportunity or a fantastic place to call home! Last month I closed on two condominium sales there which means all the documents are in perfect order! The project now has plans for an air-conditioned restaurant that will open up onto the salt-water pool patio! There are a few finished condominiums available or you can custom design your studio or 1-3 bedroom condominium in the next building, which will start soon. Check out the listing!

Recent Article

January 8, 2019 – Recently, Nikki from took a trip with Under30Experiences to Nicaragua. She loved it so much she wrote this article, which originally appeared on her site. Read about her experience traveling with Under30Experiences and what she thought of taking a trip to Nicaragua.

El Cielo Condos

El Cielo Condos celebrated the completion of the first condominium tower (completed during the crisis) with a blessing of the project followed by a cocktail party at the clubhouse.  The views from atop the hill are truly spectacular even considering it was a very cloudy evening followed by one of the massive rainstorms we have had this past month! There is one 4-bedroom condominium available for resale at $189,000!

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Portal del Mar

Portal del Mar continues to move forward at a rapid pace! Here are a few cloudy day photos of the oceanfront area and their first restaurant plus a few of the camping area! Please contact me for more information on investment opportunities in this new development including restaurant spaces, hotels, shops/services, a marina, and lots for sale.

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Managua Shopping

Big Wave Dave’s Shopping Trips are the easiest least expensive way to get supplies from Managua every Thursday.  Give him your shopping list and he will buy it for you for $10 or 10% of the total, whatever is higher.  For a fee, you can even ride along with Dave if you want or get dropped off or picked up at the airport! Find his advertisement on Discover’s Facebook page.


Flies are a hassle this time of the year but you can make an inexpensive flycatcher by using the large sticky paper designed to catch mice. Just sprinkling a few grains of sugar or a few drops of anything else flies love…fish blood…on it and waaa laaa, instantly catchflies!!!

Foreign Checks

Here are some creative solutions, from various people on Facebook, now that you can no longer deposit checks written from an account in a foreign country:

  • For large amounts up to $5,000 I use There are fees of course, but not too bad. You can cash pickup or deposit directly to BAC or Bancentro.
  • I use my Bank of America debit card at ATM’s. If you withdrawal dollars there is only the $4 or $5 ATM fee. If you convert to Córdoba its the ATM fee plus 3% international conversion fee.
  • I opened an account with Aspiration Bank. They reimburse all ATM fees and it seems to work well here so far.
  • In Banpro you can still deposit a US check in a savings account.
  • We opened a CapitalOne 360 checking account. There are no international transaction fees on point of sale or ATM. They refund up to $25/month of any ATM fees charged by local banks. It was easy to connect our Chase account and put whatever amount of cash we need in the CapitalOne account.

There are several other ways to get money to Nicaragua via WorldRemit, Remitly, Xoom, TransferWise, etc.

A Picture Says 1000 Words

Discover’s in house photographer offers professional services at affordable prices! Packages start at $75, and you will receive high quality digital files of the color retouched and edited photos. Using these photos, we will update your listing to make it stand out amongst the others and you are free to also use the photos in other publicity.


Looking for a long-term or a short-term rental for your next vacation or looking for someone to promote your property for rent? Check out our rentals page on our website. Here is one of our favorite short term or vacation rentals, stay in Pelican Eyes for only $80 a night!

Estudio Rio Jaio View Estudio Rio Jaio Outside

Nice email from a client:

From: Sandra

Hello Natalie,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for keeping us “dreamers” up to date with what’s going on there in SJDS.

I always read your emails (they’re super interesting and exciting for the future) and I consistently check on properties in the Remanso area as one day, I will be buying and building there.

Keep up the great work, and I’m so happy to hear you’re staying healthy and happy (stoked for your latest medical results)!

God bless and keep you … Sandra Olson

Yellow Fever Vaccinations!

If you are traveling from any of these countries, and you are traveling to Nicaragua, you must have a certificate proving you have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever or you will be denied entry into Nicaragua!!!

Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Panamá, Venezuela, Paraguay and Perú. The restriction also applies to all African countries, except the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Sao Tome, Principe, and Somalia.

The certificate must be by the registered health authority of the country of origin and must be valid for at least 11 days prior to entering Nicaragua. For more information, click here.

For more articles, photos, videos, and important information about Nicaragua, visit our Facebook page!

This month’s postings include:

  • Alice and I getting stuck in the river
  • The SJDS Hipico is June 16 (Prancing Horses)
  • Travel tips for solo travelers
  • Music for a special occasion
  • How to combat boredom in retirement
  • Hotel tips and tricks
  • Homemade flycatchers
  • Managua shopping service
  • Destination wedding suggestion
  • Storm preparations for the worst of the rain
  • Lemon eucalyptus oil is as effective as DEET
  • Creative river crossing
  • Masaya volcano information
  • Delivery service for restaurants, pharmacies, stores, etc.,
  • Bull Penis sword fighting (I’m not JOKING, this is Nicaragua)
  • Somto Canon tours

Featured Listings

Below are just a “FEW” of our almost 300 listings!

Go to to see more!

Type reduced or bargain or whatever you are looking for in the key word box and quickly find all the properties that match!

Cala Azul – Residential Lots | Condos | Commercial Space


Cala Azul Cala Azul

The infrastructure improvements in Cala Azul are almost finished; I will have new photos in next month’s newsletter!  Cala Azul is the perfect place to buy a lot and build your dream home or buy one of the soon to be constructed condominiums or townhouses and have easy access to all the amenities of the new Marina project!!

Lot prices from $175,000 to $425,000

Casa Panama – Beachfront Home on Playa El Coco

Casa Panama

Casa Panama is a 4 bedroom beachfront home at Playa el Coco, 30 minutes south of San Juan del Sur. The octagonal shape house on a 16,000 ft² property features fantastic beach and ocean views. Inside the 2,500 ft² house, you will find an open concept living, dining and kitchen area with tall cathedral ceilings. Large glass double doors open up to a grand wooden deck, perfect for outdoor dining, or relaxing and taking in the beautiful ocean views and sunset. The 4 bedrooms provide plenty of space to host family and friends. Outside, a private covered rancho is located close to the beach perfect for hanging hammocks or other comfortable seating.

$495,000 reduced from $535,000!!

Best Property Value in the Redonda Bay Area

Sunset Ocean View in Redonda Bay

Lot # EC 12 is currently the best property value in the Redonda Bay area. Surrounding Redonda Bay are three developments: The Aqua Wellness Resort (soon to be known as Six Senses Nicaragua), Buccaneer Point, and El Castil. All three have recently formed a single Home Owners Association. Aqua is a 5 star resort and has been purchased by the developer of The Ritz-Carlton Residences Miami Beach.  Lot EC 12 is located within the El Castil development and offers stunning views of the Pacific. Next door to the lot is a beautiful home. The property also offers an easy walk to Playa Gigante to enjoy the small beach town amenities offered there.

Reduced to $100,000!

Las Escadas Condos In San Juan Del Sur

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Las Escadas Condos will consist of a total of 10 condominium buildings surrounding a SALT WATER POOL, which includes a rancho and BBQ grill.  There will also be an air-conditioned restaurant that opens up to the pool patio.  The salt-water pool is healthier for you and the environment.  The location of Las Escadas is perfect, just far enough out of town to be peaceful, 2 kilometers from the beach, but close enough to San Juan del Sur to enjoy all the amenities, shops, restaurants, bars, and other nightlife and tourist activities. Select a studio, one, two, or three-bedroom condominium ranging in price from $59,900 to $250,900.  All the condominiums are finished out with high-end kitchen cabinets with the slow close feature on the doors and drawers to prevent “slamming”.


Villa Loma Del Socorro – Luxury Boutique Bed And Breakfast for Sale

Villa Loma Botique Bed and Breakfast Patio

The sale of Villa Loma del Socorro Luxury Boutique Bed and Breakfast offers an incredible turnkey business opportunity. This award winning B&B is the number one ranked hotel in Nicaragua on and Expedia, and earned a steady income, even during the past low season!

The cool and breezy 6 acre hilltop estate is located on the edge of lush jungle at the end of a paved road just twelve minutes south of San Juan del Sur. Nestled among graceful trees, the extensively landscaped, sunset-facing property overlooks the verdant green San Juan valley, the spectacular beaches of Playas Hermosa and Escamequita and over a hundred miles of the famous Nicaraguan “Emerald Coastline”.

Approximately 5,500 ft² of luxury indoor and outdoor living is yours to enjoy. The property can accommodate guests comfortably, in two private suites surrounding a hidden tropical lagoon pool with terraces and bougainvillea-draped shade pergolas providing secluded areas for intimate conversation, reading, sunbathing, or quiet reflection. A queen sofa/futon in the Bali Bedroom Rancho can accommodate an additional two people.

$799,000 Reduced from $999,000

Ocean View Lot 36 for Sale at Playa Yankee

Playa Yankee Lot 36

Playa Yankee Lot 36 is a beautiful ocean view lot, located just 1.3km from the beach. The 1,116-m² property features electrical and (well) water connections at the front, making it ready to build. The entire property features a panoramic view of the ocean and mountains.

Located just behind the lot is Casa Orquídea del Sur, one of the most popular rental houses in the area. This house provides a proven rental income potential for this area of Playa Yankee. This property is the perfect location for a surf house, as a second floor would allow residents to see the wave conditions down at the beach.


Casa Verde in the Residential Villas at Pelican Eyes

Casa Verde View

Casa Verde, situated in the Residential Villas of Pelican Eyes in San Juan del Sur, is by far the most private residence in the development. Its location gives it one of the best Pacific Ocean and valley view’s available, and is conveniently a quick walk to the beach and amenities of town.

Enjoy the stroll along the flower lined private entrance to this 1,654 ft², 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom home, single floor home, with the added benefit of no interior steps. The house features dramatic views from the 933 ft² of uncovered terrace, and the 133 ft² of covered terrace. The house has three brand new air conditioners, a whole house surge protector, stack-able washer/dryer, and comes completely furnished including the linens.

$165,000 Reduced from $317,000!!

Magnificent Vacation Home in Gated Community

Villa Noche Pacific Marlin

This magnificent vacation home, Villa Noche, is located in the gated community of Pacific Marlin with incredible views of San Juan del Sur and the Pacific Ocean.  The house has 4 bedrooms (3 with air conditioning), 6 bathrooms, large gourmet kitchen with an island, large pool with built in seating in various locations, multiple terraces and patios overlooking the sea, and a 2-car garage with extra parking space inside the gate for an additional 3 vehicles. The house includes all furniture, appliances, TVs, linens, towels, kitchen items, etc.  All you need to do is bring your suitcase and unpack!  It has a generator, water storage tanks, and pressure pump for the water. This villa was built in 2003 and was recently remodeled including a new roof.  This luxurious house is a unique place to enjoy the holidays or use as a vacation rental house for investments.

$750,000 Reduced from $1,250,000!! 

Lot 11A for Sale in Los Miradores Development



This beautiful lot is available in the Los Miradores development of San Juan del Sur. Enjoy ocean views from this 1,893 m² parcel. Featuring virtually untouched land, you have the ability to customize the area to make your dream home a reality!  The lot in front already has construction on it so you know you will never lose your view! Los Miradores is a popular development, due to its moderate size and proximity to San Juan del Sur. Located along the Chocolata, this development features paved internal roads, and gated access, all for reasonable HOA fees.

$65,000 Reduced from $99,000 

Neighboring Houses for Sale in Las Delicias

Las Delicias Neighboring Houses

2 neighboring houses for sale in Las Delicias, just minutes outside San Juan del Sur. The 2 properties share septic and water hookups however have individual electricity meters, making this the perfect, all in one, living and rental investment.

The first 137 m² house features 2 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and living area. A covered patio allows for outdoor living space. The second 157 m² house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathroom, a kitchen and living area.

Both houses are being sold fully furnished. This unique offer has great potential. There has been a proven rental income in the past years for both houses. Choose to live in one, and rent the other, rent both, or save one as a guesthouse for visiting family and friends! You could even take advantage of the convenient proximity to both San Juan del Sur and the Southern Beaches such as Playas Remanso and Hermosa, and turn the property into a surf lodge and there is plenty of room to expand! The options are endless!

$195,000 Reduced from $330,000

Contemporary Style Luxury Home in Pacific Marlin

Contemporary Style Luxury Home

As featured on Better Homes and Gardens, this magnificent home in the gated community of Pacific Marlin has been modernly designed and decorated. The polished aluminum construction gives the home a contemporary look. The infinity edge pool and expansive terraces create an ideal space for a relaxing massage, yoga, or ballroom dancing. The pool’s waterfall overlooks the bay and falls to the lower level of the two level patio.  Solar electronic lights surround the deck and patio.

The contemporary home’s 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms are massive and the property allows space to build more. One bedroom is detached from the house and is ideal for a home office. Ample parking space is provided and there is room to add more if needed. The current owner will gladly oversee the construction of any home additions.

The fully furnished home is turnkey and is currently generating rental income.

$750,000 Reduced from $825,000!!

Commercial Warehouse for Rent outside San Juan Del Sur

Commercial Warehouse For Rent

Large commercial warehouse for rent on a 1,667.972 m² lot, 6 minutes east of town on the main highway out of San Juan del Sur. The warehouse is 33½ ft wide and 83 ft long, with at least 15 ft tall ceilings in the center. It features large sliding doors on the front, back and sides. The building has a bathroom, office, the main large warehouse space, and a separate room that is perfect for the storage of small equipment, materials, tools, etc. There is an abundance of electrical outlets located in the walls, floors and ceiling, allowing the workspace to be set up in a variety of ways.

Outside the extra yard space could be used for additional expansions to the building, or the parking/storage of boats, cars, etc. This commercial warehouse offers great business potential! Contact us today to find out more!

Rental $1,000 per month!

If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, please email us!

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 ☀️Cheers from sunny San Juan del Sur! ☀️