Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Discover San Juan Del Sur is proud to be an active member in the San Juan Del Sur Community. We are very involved in beach clean-up efforts, and in Animal Outreach efforts, volunteering time and money to help animal welfare organizations here in San Juan del Sur.

Magazine Photo of TaekwondoOur biggest contribution to the San Juan Del Sur community today, is our very own Taekwondo school for ages 5 to adult. This school has brought training and discipline to many members of the community. The concept has opened the eyes of many locals to a new culture. Many young adults and children have had the opportunity to compete in National and International events and have traveled to new cities in Nicaragua.

taekwondo group

This all started when, in 2013, Natalie Sullivan had the opportunity to observe a taekwondo class being taught by Juan Pablo Lopez. She was impressed by the discipline the children had and their interest in the sport. She began to sponsor events and eventually rented a space to open a full school. Because of her sponsorship with Discover, local children in San Juan Del Sur are able to participate in classes several times per week for a small fee of only $15 per month. This price opens up the opportunity to most children in the San Juan Del Sur community, but still not all. Therefore, there are a few children sponsored completely. Natalie and Discover have made sure that no child with an interest in Taekwondo misses out.

Contact us for more information on how you can help and be a part of this school.

 12805922_1693275060929208_3508235702307643380_n Taekwondo Demonstration


A Note From a Very Thankful Nonprofit
By Roman Yavich, Co-founder, Comunidad Connect

Last month Discover Real Estate supported youth development, sports, clean water, and rural healthcare in Nicaragua by sponsoring Fun Bajo el Sol, the first, and hopefully annual, celebration of collaborative community development. The event benefited the local nonprofit Comunidad Connect and was held near the booming coastal town of San Juan del Sur.

Discover Real Estate presented a Taekwondo demonstration by Juan Pablo López, the Nicaraguan Champion and owner of TKD San Juan del Sur. The demonstration and the subsequent piñata kicking was the biggest draw for the hundreds of children and proud parents who attended Fun Bajo el Sol.

Comunidad Connect could not be more thankful for this collaboration and support from Discover Real Estate. We raised more than $2,000, gained new volunteers and new donors, and raised awareness of the work we do in San Juan del Sur through our community Sports Park, and in other locations around Nicaragua. We are incredibly proud of Discover Real Estate and all of our private sector sponsors that came together to support this amazing event.