FAQ – Discover Real Estate

FAQ – Discover Real Estate

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Real Estate in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Question: What services does Discover Real Estate offer?

Answer: Discover Real Estate specializes in helping people buy and sell houses, land, commercial properties and developments in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We also provide property management and rentals, We refer to Constructora Vargas consorciovarags.com for remodeling, property inspections, 3D design, blueprints, and construction services. Check out San Juan del Sur real estate FAQ’s.

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How long has Discover Real Estate been operating in San Juan del Sur?

Discover Real Estate has been the leading real estate company in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua since 2000.

Owner Natalie Sullivan has been selling real estate here since 2006.

Does Discover Real Estate have a large database of property listings?

Yes, Discover Real Estate has the largest and most accurate online database of properties in the area, with approximately 300 active listings.

Our website is continuously updated with the most current information available.

What types of real estate does Discover handle sales for?

We handle sales for houses, land, commercial properties, developments, beachfront properties, ocean view properties, and non-ocean view properties in the San Juan del Sur area. We also specialize in relocation and investment properties.

Does Discover offer vacation rentals?

Yes, we offer short and long-term rentals of beautiful homes in San Juan del Sur. You can experience the laid-back Nicaraguan lifestyle by renting one of our properties.

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Can Discover help manage my investment or personal property?

Absolutely. We provide professional property management services for both investment and personal properties in the San Juan del Sur area.

Does Discover provide any construction or remodeling services?

Yes, we offer new constructions, remodeling, architectural design, 3D design, building inspections, repair, maintenance, electrical and plumbing services. We partner with Constructora Vargas for these services.

How can I contact Discover about renting a vacation property?

To inquire about vacation rentals, you can email rentals@discoversjds.com or contact us via WhatsApp at +64 2568-2593.

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What is the process for buying a property through Discover?

The buying process involves sharing the specifics of your dream property including purpose, budget and preferences. Our agents will tailor the search to your requirements. You can visit our beachfront office to discuss with a multilingual sales agent. Our extensive network ensures finding your perfect match, and you’ll receive insider insights and personalized service throughout the process.

Where is Discover’s office located?

Our office is located on the Malecón, on the south corner of Restaurante Lago Azul, in San Juan del Sur.

Join us for a beverage on one of our comfortable patios and meet some expats and locals.

What are some featured listings by Discover?

Some of our featured listings include La Santa María Luxury Residences priced from $264,500 to $699,500, Beachfront Condo 402A at Dream View Home, Quiet Luxury Ocean View Home at Pacific Marlin, and a New Ocean View Home at Encanto del Sur.

How can I contact Discover for general real estate inquiries?

For general inquiries, email natalie.sullivan@discoversjds.com or call +1 (717) 287-9960 from the US or +505-8803-2037 from Nicaragua.

Our agents are happy to answer any questions you have about San Juan del Sur real estate.

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Does Discover have agents who speak both English and Spanish?

Yes, we have a multilingual office with agents fluent in both English and Spanish to assist clients.

What makes San Juan del Sur a desirable place to have a business or residence?

Having a business or residence in the center of San Juan del Sur offers convenience and fun. You can walk everywhere, never miss a community event, and enjoy the many shops, restaurants, bars, salons and cafes. New businesses are always popping up, showing there is still room for growth. You’ll always find something to do in this vibrant town.

How has the infrastructure developed to support the growing city?

As San Juan del Sur has grown, so has the local infrastructure. A new 40 bed hospital opened to serve the community, with facilities including emergency response, general surgery, gynecology, radiology, labor and delivery. A new electrical substation was also built to support the power demands of the expanding city and surrounding areas.

What makes Discover stand out from other agencies?

At Discover, clients are treated like family. We believe in honesty and will disclose the good, bad and ugly about any properties we represent. As relocation specialists, we provide guidance on all aspects of moving to Nicaragua. With the largest, most accurate online database of properties that is continuously updated, we bring buyers the most current information available.

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How can Discover assist me if I’m looking to relocate to San Juan del Sur?

If you’re looking to relocate, we are your relocation specialists. We can provide recommendations on the best internet companies, bilingual schools, home delivery services, and anything else you may need to make the transition smooth. Our team is dedicated to helping you find your dream property and get settled in Nicaragua.

What are the benefits of investing in real estate in San Juan del Sur?

Investing in San Juan del Sur offers many benefits. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other popular beach towns. San Juan is a rapidly growing tourist destination with beautiful beaches, surfing, and a vibrant expat community. Rental income opportunities are abundant. Nicaragua also offers incentives for foreign investment and retiree benefits.

Can Discover help me find an income-producing rental property?

Yes, we can absolutely assist you in finding an income-producing rental property. Our agents are experts in the local market and have a wide selection of investment properties, from condos to houses. We’ll work with you to find a property that meets your budget and has good rental potential.

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I’m interested in a beachfront home. What options does Discover have?

We have a great selection of beachfront homes for sale in the San Juan del Sur area. From luxury villas to cozy bungalows, there are options for different budgets and styles. Some featured beachfront listings include properties in the El Coco, Marsella, and Nacascolo beach communities. Our agents can provide more details on current availability.

How do I start my property search with Discover?

To start your search, the first step is to reach out to us via email or phone to discuss what you’re looking for. Share details like your budget, desired property type, and any special requirements. Our agents will then search our database and network to find listings that match your criteria. You can review the options and let us know which properties you’d like to see in person.

Does Discover handle property sales only in San Juan del Sur

While we specialize in properties in San Juan del Sur and the surrounding beach communities, we can also assist with real estate in other parts of Nicaragua. We have a large network and can help connect you with trusted agents in areas like Tola, Granada, and Popoyo if you’re interested in exploring other markets.

Is it possible to finance a property purchase in San Juan del Sur?

Yes, it is possible to finance a purchase, though options are more limited than in North America. Some developers offer financing, and there are a few Nicaraguan banks that provide mortgages to foreigners. Seller financing may also be an option. We can provide guidance based on your specific situation and the property you’re interested in.

How can I be sure that a property listing is legitimate and the title is clear?

We do our due diligence on every property we represent to ensure the listing information is accurate and the title is legitimate. We work with a team of experienced real estate attorneys who review all documentation. As a buyer, it’s still advisable to hire an independent attorney to confirm everything is correct and represent your interests in the purchase process.

What are the steps in the property purchase process in Nicaragua?

The general steps to buying a property are:

  1. Find a property you like with the help of your real estate agent.
  2. Make an offer and negotiate the price and terms.
  3. Sign a purchase agreement.
  4. Buyer provides an initial deposit to be held in escrow
  5. Complete due diligence on the property
  6. Buyer pays remaining balance
  7. Title is transferred to the new owner
  8. Pay taxes and fees
  9. Register the sale with the government.

We guide clients through each step of the process.

Are there any restrictions on foreigners buying real estate in Nicaragua?

No, there are no restrictions on foreigners buying real estate in most of Nicaragua. The one exception is that foreign buyers cannot purchase property within 5 km of the country’s borders. But in popular expat and tourist areas like San Juan del Sur, there are no limitations. Foreigners have the same property rights as Nicaraguan citizens.

Carefree Paradise Awaits: Beachfront Condo 502A

What are the costs associated with buying and owning a property in Nicaragua?

In addition to the purchase price, buyers should budget for closing costs which are around 6-8% of the sale price. This includes transfer taxes and legal fees. Property taxes are very low, usually a few hundred dollars a year depending on the property value. Condo and home owners association fees, insurance, and utilities are other ongoing costs to factor in.

How long does the property purchase process usually take in San Juan del Sur?

The timeline can vary, but typically takes 30-60 days from the time an offer is accepted until closing. The due diligence period is usually 30 days. If the property title is clear and all documentation is in order, the process can move quickly. We work efficiently to complete purchases so buyers can enjoy their new property as soon as possible.

I don’t live in Nicaragua. Can Discover help me manage my property?

Yes, we offer full-service property management for clients who don’t live full-time in Nicaragua or simply want a hands-off investment. Our team takes care of all the details from marketing the property for rent, screening guests, handling bookings and payments, coordinating cleaning and maintenance, and sending owners regular reports. It’s a turnkey solution for generating rental income.

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The sunset pool view at Casa de Olas

What is the short-term rental market like in San Juan del Sur?

San Juan del Sur is a popular tourist destination, so there is strong demand for short-term vacation rentals. Many visitors prefer staying in a home or condo over a hotel for more space, privacy and amenities. Peak season is November to April, but the town attracts steady visitors year-round. Owners can generate significant rental income, especially with an ocean view or beachfront property.

What other areas can you assist besides San Juan del Sur?

Please let us know your location to find you a suitable home for sale or a rental or accommodation in San Juan del Sur- San Juan del Sur South- – Playa Remanso- – Escamequita- – Las Delicias- – Playa Yankee- – Playa Coco. Also Carrazil- – Playa Hermosa- San Juan del Sur North- – Playa Marsella- – Playa Maderas- – Playa Majagual- – Rancho Papayal- – El Encano del Sur- – Nacascolo Bay- San Juan del Sur East- – El Oro- – La Cuesta- – Lomas de Palermo- – El Camino del Sol- – El Capulin.

Some you must see La Talanguera- Center of Town- Pacific Marlin- Las Delicias- Paradise Bay- Colinas de Miramar- Bosques del Mar- El Encanto del Sur- Lomas de Palermo- Nacascolo Bay- Pelican Eyes- Cala Azul- Little Bavaria- Los Miradores- Brisas del Pacifico- La Chocolata- Popoyo- Brisas del PacificoTola- Guacalito de la Isla.

Beautilful beaches Playa Icacal- Playa Guasacate- Hacienda Iguana- Redonda Bay- Popoyo- Playa Gigante- Rancho SantanaRivas- San JorgeLomas de Palermo – El Container, El Ostional- Playa Manzanillo South – La Santa Maria, Carriza l Playa Peña Rota – Granada, Laguna de Apoyo, Huehuete, Matagalpa and Managua. Click here to search for property.

Got more questions like below? Contact our professional team to answer any of your questions.

Buying Process

  • What are the steps involved in purchasing property in San Juan del Sur?
  • How can I get pre-approved for a mortgage?
  • What fees and taxes should I expect to pay?

Property Management

  • Does Discover offer property management services?
  • What is included in the property management fees?
  • How often are rental properties inspected?

Area Information

  • What are the most popular neighborhoods/communities?
  • What amenities and attractions are nearby?
  • What is the climate like year-round?