Property Management San Juan del Sur Services

Property Management San Juan del Sur Services

Discover Real Estate has a full service, bilingual property management san juan del sur team for both residential and commercial property owners. We strive to protect your investment property while keeping your tenants happy.

PROPERTY SUPERVISION – Property management San Juan del Sur

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Property Maintenance 

  • We coordinate and communicate with tenants, owners, and vendors for all maintenance needs including emergent and non emergent requests.
  • Quotes are provided by qualified vendors, competent in the trade needed to complete the necessary maintenance.
  • All maintenance expenses are included with the monthly owner statements, and original invoices are available at any time upon request.
  • Cleaning services are arranged to meet the requirements of your property. We always organize cleaning before a tenant’s check-in and after check-out. Depending on the needs of the house and tenants, cleaning services can be scheduled periodically throughout the duration of the occupancy.


  • We take a comprehensive inventory, itemizing all the things in your house. We go through this list with tenants at the beginning and end of their occupancy to protect your things. 
  • We conduct regular inspections of the property to ensure any potential problems are identified early, keeping your investment in great condition.
  • Random, unannounced checkups ensure your property employees are fulfilling their duties.
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ACCOUNTING & HUMAN RESOURCES – Property management San Juan del Sur


  • Our full time accounting team provides monthly or yearly statements outlining income and expenses for your property.
  • We take care of rent collection from your tenants, as well as ensure security deposits are collected before move-in, and accurately reimbursed after move-out. 
  • We handle all invoicing and bill payment to vendors.
  • We provide account management for your service and utility vendors, including setting up new services, or cancelling old ones, and paying monthly bills. 
  • We take care of your annual property responsibilities, including paying taxes, and HOA fees with our Property management San Juan del Sur management team.
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Human Resources

  • Our team supervises your property employees to ensure they are fulfilling their job responsibilities and duties, and coordinate with you on any changes, including helping to hire and fire. 
  • Our accounting team ensures that you, as an employer, are following all the rules and responsibilities outlined in the labor code. This includes paying promptly on the 15th & 30th of each month, registering employees in the system so they receive employment insurance, INSS, and are paid for vacation and holidays. We will also withhold and submit any retentions to the local government for rental income and/or maintenance/improvements to your property performed by unregistered workers. 
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Long Term Rentals/Vacation Rentals

  • Our rental agents will show the properties to prospective tenants, aid in the preparation of long term rental contracts, provide check-in/check-out services, be the main point of contact for the tenant, and handle rent collection and security deposit collection and payouts.  
  • If your property has a caretaker who handles the check-in/check-out services, our team will coordinate with them on any upcoming reservations. 

Property Marketing

  • There is only one chance to make a first impression, therefore it is very important to us that we make a professional listing for your property. Our in house photographer offers professional services to ensure prospective tenants get a good feel for your property before seeing it in person. 
  • We advertise on the rentals section of our website, as well as across our social media channels. Our team has a large presence on social media, and continuously monitor local groups to look out for people looking for rentals. 
  • Renters like the security of booking through reservation websites such as and, and we manage the listing for your property on these websites to meet your preferences and needs. We can co-host your current accounts, setup new listings under our business account, or we can set up brand new accounts for you. This allows you to be interactive in the rental process, or completely anonymous, it’s up to you! Get the best management with Discover Real Estates Property management San Juan del Sur Service.

Concierge Service 

  • To ensure our guests have the best experience possible, we can offer basic concierge services, including dining and entertainment recommendations, helping to book excursions, and helping to organize any other special requests.
  • We can design a custom welcome book, covering everything guests need to know about your property, including contact information and rules, as well as general information about the area. A PDF copy of this book is sent to guests prior to their arrival so they are prepared for their stay.

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