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November 2020 Updates

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Yes it is rainy season and river crossings can be dangerous!


Hello from Discover Real Estate


Sorry I’m a little late getting out the update on San Juan del Sur this month.  For several days I’ve been dealing with a sick Canadian client who lives here.  I’ve been sending messages and videos via WhatsApp to his son, photos of receipts and exams, talking with doctors, helping translate with the very nurturing Nicaraguans looking after him, etc.  Thursday I spent 7 hours in the SJDS emergency room with him until he was transferred by ambulance to the bigger hospital in Rivas.


Rest assured, if you’re my client, I will never leave you high and dry or on your own if you need help!  This was not the first time I’ve spent most of my day in a hospital with a client in need and I’m sure it won’t be my last J


Hurricane ETA dumped a lot of water on us so the ground is soaked; now all rains are creating flash floods.   The above photo was taken on 11/10/2020 after a big rain of about 3” and a total rain fall of 72” so far for 2020.  The normal rainfall is 62-65” per year.  San Juan del Sur was not overly affected by ETA since it hit the northeast corner of Nicaragua and SJDS is in the southwest corner but we did get a lot of rain and a little local flooding!


I feel sorry for this person in the photo above who was trying to help some people cross the river in Escamequita with their motorcycle on back of the truck.  I was told a backhoe pulled the truck out but then later a Pepsi truck got stuck and a bus pulled it out; welcome to Nicaragua J


Here is a video of the crossing and some other photos and/or videos I took or people sent me during this very rainy day.


With all this rain comes mold and mildew.  To help keep your house free of mold, air circulation is important.  Use a ceiling fan or oscillating fan to keep the air moving.  Ceiling fans typically use a lot of electricity so turning it off after the rainy season and/or when you aren’t in the room will help you save on your electric bills.


Thankfully we are at the end of rainy season and the beginning of my favorite time of the year!  Mid-November through the end of January are pure bliss here for me!  All is a lush green and a few degrees cooler J


Are you tired of the rat race?  Below is a great perspective from a client and friend.  Remember you can choose how you want to live your life, I did it and you can too!  You can choose to be relaxed on a beach in Nicaragua paying $1 at Happy Hour for ice cold beers.  Here is what Gary posted on Facebook a few weeks ago:

“Well, I’ve been back in Nicaragua for a month now. I’m away from Politics and Pandemic updates. I watch the NBC Nightly news, the next day on YouTube….sometimes. Not to say there is no pandemic here, but people here are being responsible at their own pace. More importantly, being here allows me to slow down and put some thought to things. I will preface this with, this is only my opinion.

What’s our goal in life? Is our goal simply to be happy? I mean, what really makes you happy? Or better, what do YOU NEED to be happy? We’ve worked really hard most of our lives just to keep our heads above water…. but really, how high above the water does your head need to be for you to be happy? I’m sure that when giraffes swim, most of their necks are still underwater. Why? Because that’s all they need. (Unless it’s shallow, lol) I guess my point is that all along I thought it was important to acquire stuff to be happy later on.

But now I see a Country and a culture that has the happiest people in the world. Yet, they have next to nothing. Many homes without electricity, indoor plumbing, good drainage or even floors made of something other than dirt. Yet they have made the best of what they have and have no idea they are seen as poor, because this is their normal.

What they lack in wealth, they are rich in spirit, resiliency, and humility. They don’t complain, if they need money, they go work. There is no job they won’t tackle. They sell fruit on the corners or peddle around on a cart selling ice cream. They are the friendliest, hardest working people I’ve ever seen. And there’s absolutely no sense of entitlement.

I have friends in the States that are unhappy with their jobs. They feel like they have to work at a place they don’t like for fear of what the future holds. So they set this goal of having $100k to $5Million in their 401k that will allow them to retire without worry. They work and work, finally reach their goal, mission accomplished, and die the next day.

My advice is simple. You decide your own happiness. Take away the materialistic part. Find places that allow you to be happy without price tags. Venture out. The joy and giggles from kids and happy people. Sincere and authentic people with no hidden agendas. Surround yourself with authenticity.

Slow down. Listen more, talk less. The most difficult part for me was to try to bring our rapid pace culture here along with our premium standards. Bending a bit is a small price to pay for a drama and stress free lifestyle. Different is not bad, different is just different. So you adapt and realize that different…may, just may…. be better for you.

Slow down, be a better listener, and treat each day as a gift. I’ve had my share of close calls, you truly will never know when your last day will come. Make yours the best! And if you get to do it again….bonus!”


If any of this wisdom resonates with you, our office is here to help you relocate to Nicaragua and find your slower pace of life.  I moved here 15 years ago and can’t imagine living anyplace else!  It isn’t perfect but no place is so why not live somewhere less stressful, less demanding, less expensive, and most of all happier than anyplace I have ever visited in my world travels.  In Nicaragua Less really does = More!


Things are starting to pick up in Nicaragua!  Here is a company expanding its offices in Nicaragua!


The WHO says lockdowns don’t really work and Nicaragua never locked down, people just took precautions they were comfortable with.  If you don’t want to live through another lockdown…..maybe it is time to relocate to Nicaragua if you aren’t already here!


TreeCasa has a new entrance road!  Off the Chocolata Road take the 2nd dirt road to the right after the entrance to the hospital.  Beautiful new smooth road to access the premier resort in the area.


Flights… biggest pain in the _ _ _ right now!  Information seems to change daily so check frequently with the airlines to see when they will be resuming regular flights.  And here is a link to a new Facebook page dedicated to flight information:


A tour Group booking Charter flights on Avianca has brought in weekly flights successfully!  You need to be flexible because sometimes a flight is delayed or reschedule but at least you can come and go now.


BioCollections in Miami’s Little Haiti District has been used by several clients for a rapid PCR COVID-19 (nasal swab).  Show up at 6 am and wait in line in your car, the friendly staff walks up to your car to get your information.  They place an ID card on your dash and as soon as they start testing at 6:45, you drive up to the outdoor tent stations.  The test takes under a minute then you are free to leave.  You will receive your test results online before 5 pm the same day.

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Check out my videos on my YouTube page for updates and views around SJDS including a birthday boat party for Sasha, a Day at TreeCasa, Day of the Dead Flowers, etc.:


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2020 AT 7 AM – 1 PM  Facebook page for more information

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Register now online or at The Art Warehouse, price includes a t-shirt and refreshments.  Not in SJDS?  You can sign up by writing to them and paying through Lafise Bank or PayPal, just ask!


Need help from a trustworthy English speaking Nicaraguan to open a bank account?  You can utilize Heylin Rodriguez, formerly with Bancentro/Lafise in San Juan del Sur as your personal assistant to help you open your account.  Contact her via WhatsApp at +505-8634-8094



And for a little humor  J



Suncare Dental has a new location and new hours!




Want a Custom T-Shirt with your favorite saying or photo?

Contact, WhatsApp is +50576137955, or for custom made Tees and Tanks with a photo, saying, or graphics of your own design.




Pats on the Back – One client recently sent me a small donation because she enjoys reading my updates – in these difficult times, it was greatly appreciated!

Our team helps with everything; it isn’t just all me!

Thanks for the update, I’m glad you have recovered.  I haven’t spent my winters here in Canada for several years and hope I don’t have to this coming winter.  Have you heard anything about flights from Canada (Toronto to Managua) usually via El Salvadore.  Covid hasn’t been nearly as bad in Canada as in the USA but I think we are being painted with the same brush.  Please let me know if you have any information.


United flies from Houston to El Salvador from there you can take Avianca. Friend from Canada flew United from Toronto to Washington where United partnered with Avianca, Washington to El Salvador to Managua this morning


Hi Natalie, thanks for all the updates. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, you are an inspiration. We are back in Canada with hopes of returning by January. Still have some ties in CR to deal with as well. Do you have an update on the Tennis court projected at Santa Maria Resort? So take care Natalie, keep well.



Looking for a Rental When the Travel Bans are Lifted?  We now accept credit cards for a rental reservation!

We Have Lots of Properties to Choose From

Casa Morada is a massive house with a fantastic open patio to the largest and deepest personal pool I know of in the SJDS area.  4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


Need Furniture – Help Support Locals

Come by the office!

By selling custom made wooden furniture, shelves, cutting boards, serving trays, etc., we are keeping workers employed so they can support their families during these difficult times.  Thank you to the clients who have already purchased furniture; you are their heroes!  I can send you photos/videos of the custom made wooden furniture and accessories here on display at the office or they can make what you want.  Give them a photo and they can duplicate it J



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Container House with a Huge Patio Perfect for Yoga!

This 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house is located in Rancho Papayal, just north of San Juan del Sur, off the Chocolata Road. This Eco construction is built from 5 year old shipping containers and the fire proof design can also handle earthquakes.

The first floor features 1,600 ft² of enclosed living space. The open concept kitchen, dining and living areas boast incredible expansive views through the 72′ x 9′ high, 8mm safety glass walls. All the windows and doors have screens so you can enjoy a refreshing breeze while you take in the views. Fast satellite internet and TV, as well as a Connolly pool table are included for your entertainment.

The entire second floor is a 1,600 ft² roof top patio which provides a 180° view of several bays north and south to Costa Rica. The patio is purposed to keep the remainder of the house cool, and would be perfect to use as a yoga deck. The entire construction is welded reinforced steel without screws. The 4″ steel is anchored in the concrete driveway and sidewalks. Underneath the house is 800 ft² covered parking space. Outside you’ll find a large pool with LED multi-color lights and 4 built in bar stools. The pool has a sand filter pump system.  $180,000 Reduced from $249,000!



Rustic House/Hostel in Town with Amazing Ocean Views

Rustic house on a flat lot in the upscale Barrio Chamorro neighborhood currently as Hostel Salt Water.  Only 230 meters from the beach makes this the perfect property for either your dream retirement home or investment property.  Remodel the existing house currently used as a hostel or remove it completely to build apartments or condos with fantastic views of the San Juan del Sur bay.

The property consists of the main house with several bedrooms and a detached building with more rooms used as rentals for the hostel.  This detached building could easily be converted into a caretaker’s residence.

The sale comes with everything to continue the business as Hostel Salt Water including the name, the DGI tax “cuota fija”, Facebook Page, Instagram, and Airbnb listing.

The Barrio Chamorro area offers center of bay views with each access to all of the amenities San Juan del Sur has to offer. Also this rustic house is elevated providing you with fantastic views but not too elevated to make walking into town a hassle.  Located just far enough off the main street in a quieter neighborhood makes it ideal for a residence, condo project, or continue running it as Hostel Salt Water.   This area is very popular with tourists as they can walk to everything San Juan del Sur has to offer without needing a rental car.  This area is also popular with full time residents for the same reason, access to everything without the need for a vehicle!  Reduced to $375,000 from $590,000!



Barrio Chino Affordable House with Income Potential

Cute Barrio Chino Affordable House is perfect for your retirement in a convenient location and with rental income potential.  Located on a quiet side street occupied by foreigners and Nicaraguans but only 1.5 blocks from the center of town.  Easily walk to all of the amenities in San Juan del Sur and enjoy a healthy lifestyle since no car is needed to live in this super convenient location.

The current configuration of this one story house is two apartments each with a separate entrance for privacy.  Each apartment has one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen and living room.  Also the house can easily be converted into a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom single residence if you prefer a larger space for yourself and don’t want rental income.

The front patio is just wide enough for a hammock so you can sit outside and watch the Nicaraguan children playing in the street or chat with your neighbors as they come and go.  The front of the building is a nice apartment with air-conditioning and the back of the building is a very Nica style apartment with a tiny walled-in back patio with a concrete laundry sink about the same size as the front patio. Each apartment has a washing machine.    Currently it doesn’t have hot water but that could be easily added.

The total construction is 84 square meters or 904 square feet.  Affordably priced at $69,000 means you can live in San Juan del Sur super affordable and have access to the beach and all amenities at a bargain price!  Only $69,000 Reduced from $120,000!!!



Well Located Hotel Gaby Mar in San Juan Del Sur

Hotel Gaby Mar is a nine room hotel on almost three acres with a two bedroom house and is ready for immediate operational status.  Located just a short 5 minutes’ drive south from San Juan del Sur, in the bedroom community of Las Delicias in the areas known as the Container; right before the road splits and goes to Remanso or to Playa Yankee & Coco.  The property has over 1,000 m2 of construction on 2 levels with a large functioning kitchen and salon suitable for weddings, conferences, yoga, or parties.

The large pool has a swim up bar and there is lots of storage and parking for at least 15 vehicles.  The large terrace is excellent for a Yoga Center. A separate caretaker’s house with 2 bedrooms plus storage completes this easily accessible property located in the heart of surf country within striking distance of Playas Remanso, Hermosa, Yankee and other popular beaches south of San Juan del Sur.

This is a large property and it could easily be converted into a hostel by adding bunk beds to the rooms.  Keep the rooms as they are and make it a relaxing yoga retreat center with lots of spaces for indoor or outdoor yoga sessions or private meditation spots under the numerous trees.

The large commercial kitchen can easily accommodate the hotel/hostel guests and outside clients as well.  There are only a few restaurants in the area so this is an opportunity to open a restaurant and display your culinary skills! Located close to San Juan del Sur which features numerous amenities, this property could be turned into a real gem.  $800,000 Reduced from $1,316,000



Vortex Camping and Entertainment Complex

Vortex Camping and Entertainment Complex is located beside two of the biggest and most popular hostels in the San Juan del Sur area, PUK Palace (formerly Casa de Olas) and Naked Tiger.  Vortex is located in an area known as Escadas on lot #8.  The owner has taken great advantage of the slopping curved landscape on lot #8 and constructed an outdoor amphitheater.

At the top of the property is a kitchen and bar area.  Prepare concert style snacks and sell ice cold beer to the party goers.  This kitchen area is also perfect for feeding your hostel and camping clients.  The property also has one small finished building with dorm rooms and two partially finished dorm buildings that can be completed for more bed spaces.  Another option is to expand on the camping idea by setting up tents for rent.  All of this construction is at the top of the hill around the slightly terraced land surrounding the natural amphitheater area.

The gently terraced land needs a little more work to make it perfect for picnic blanket style seating.  You can also expand the seating area on the hill surrounding the stage and dancing space directly in front of the stage.

The property has a very nice one bedroom studio style house with a spacious ocean view patio for the owner/manager.  If you prefer not to live in the house, it can function as an independent rental.  The house is located right beside the entrance of Vortex and the hostel next door.

Vortex Camping and Entertainment Complex is a large property with enormous potential for growth!  This is your opportunity to orchestrate a proper music festival location by applying your imagination and hosting skills.  Create the next “Go To” Entertainment Place in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!  San Juan del Sur needs a live music festival area to host entertainment events such as concerts, plays, comedies, contests, etc.  Bargain priced at $80,000



Casa Maya Eco Surf Lodge In Playa Remanso

Casa Maya eco surf lodge is a 19 bed, 15.5 bath lodge in an unparalleled location only seconds from the surf beach of Playa Remanso, Nicaragua! Consisting of 12 private rooms each with an ensuite bathroom, a dormitory offering 6 bunk beds with 2 full bathrooms, and a cafe that includes a half bathroom for patrons. Lastly is the onsite Manager’s Casita, which is a one bedroom/one bathroom home with full kitchen and amenities.

Total area of construction is 5,720 square feet on a 808 sq. meter lot, a little less than 1/4 an acre.  2,880 square feet internal + 2,840 square feet exterior of oversized balconies including a breathtaking rooftop balcony for outdoor living and wildlife watching. Ocean views are possible from the rooftop balcony, sometimes shared with our family of monkeys.

Casa Maya Eco Surf Lodge is divided into three sections; two towers (Ocean and Sunset), and the third section being the Manager Casita. Each of these sections has an elevated roof that provides both rain protection and heat diversion, along with cooling ventilation along the rooftops to take advantage of the prevailing offshore breezes. It truly is an intelligent design.

The cafe has two ceiling fans, the manager’s casita has a ceiling fan, and the bedrooms have wall fans.  No hot water but that could be added. 

The entire project was designed and built to strict US standards using upcycled shipping containers, stacked atop incredibly engineered foundations. Each container is 40 foot long with extra high ceilings of  9’6″ allowing for the heat to rise for greater guest comfort. With the utilization of Louvre windows, and strategic placement of all three sections, the environmentally friendly aspect of natural cooling is maximized by taking advantage of the offshore winds.

Included with the sale is a 2005 Toyota Hilux 4×4 great for transporting patrons to neighboring beaches or town and general errands as well as a small diesel generator for back-up power.

Casa Maya Eco Surf Lodge is a unique build using shipping containers for a hotel in Nicaragua.  It’s location at Playa Remanso offers a rare laid-back vibe that is inviting to both tourists and beginner surfers.  The superior location is “beach-close” providing the ability to be first in the water and the last one to leave the waves after other visitors have departed for the day. Sunrise sessions are no hassle!  Casa Maya.. First in, last out.   $760,000



Casa Baclion – 3 Bedroom House at El Encanto Del Sur

Casa Baclion is a 3 bedroom house for sale at the top of Phase 1 of the El Encanto del Sur development. At over 2,100 m², this house sits on one of the biggest lots in the development! Enjoy incredible views of the bay of San Juan del Sur, and Nacascolo Bay from the pool area.

This 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house encompasses 2,000 ft² plus a covered patio. It is fully furnished with custom wood furniture, and includes air conditioning in each bedroom, a washer and dryer, and a full kitchen. The main living area of the house is open concept. The spacious kitchen has finished concrete countertops, and a big island style breakfast bar. From this area, enjoy beautiful views from large windows looking out past the pool, across the valley, and to the ocean.

Of the 3 bedrooms, 2 contain 2 single beds each, making this house perfect to entertain family or friends!  $369,000 Reduced from $500,000



Quiet House In Barrio Nuevo, San Juan Del Sur

Quiet house for sale in Barrio Nuevo at the end of a dead end street with vacant land across from you and lovely neighbors.  Barrio Nuevo is located on the left, before the entry to Villas de Palermo on the way out of town.  Enjoy the privacy in a well-kept walled in garden all close to the new hospital.  Walk to the restaurant in Villas de Palermo or one of the many local restaurants and small stores.

This quiet house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, screens on the windows, ceiling fans, air-conditioners, large water storage tanks, pressurized water system, and a double gated covered garage. It’s close enough to town to walk but far enough away from the noise to sleep.  Easily walk to the Pali or out to the main road to catch a taxi; no car is needed if you prefer to keep life simple.  Walk into town and get a taxi home with your groceries for a healthy retirement lifestyle.

Typically this house is rented out long term to travelers, surfers, and/or residents choosing to live in Nicaragua full time.  It would also make a great family house since it has 3 bedrooms for anyone who wishes to live here and send their children to the San Juan del Sur Day School or Escuela Adelante; the two schools who cater to foreign children.  San Juan del Sur is the perfect place to raise your children with the fast growing group of expats living their best lives.  Or it would make a perfect retirement home with plenty of space for your family to visit.

The new access road to the hospital passes close by to this house which also makes connecting to the Chocolata Road easier on your way to the surfing beaches.  $80,000 Reduced from $150,000









Paradise Bay – 1.62 Acre Oceanfront Property

This 1.62 Acre Oceanfront Property is the perfect location close enough to all the necessary amenities of San Juan del Sur yet feels like you are a million miles from everywhere! This breathtaking, one of a kind, 1.62-acre (6,584.334 M2) oceanfront property in the prestigious community of Paradise Bay has it all.

Paradise Bay is the first bay south of San Juan del Sur and is accessed from the south side of town.  Drive south behind the main church through a nice barrio which will lead to the gated entrance of the development.  You drive up and then down a big hill then up another and finally down to the oceanfront to access this amazing oceanfront lot!

Situated at the northern most point of the property, on a paved road, with access to power and water, this heavily treed location offers stunning white water views of the bay, a rock formation ledge that begs to be designed into a patio/deck, a tropical wildflower garden setting, great snorkeling just steps away, and the ever relaxing sound of the water below crashing on the rocks.

A home here will allow your mind to wander, your soul to dream, and your body to relax into deep splendor. It is also an ideal location for a luxury hotel, condominium project, boutique resort, or anything else you can imagine.

This is a very rare opportunity to buy an oceanfront lot so close to San Juan del Sur located beside one of the most prestigious and luxurious homes in the area. Reduced to $395,000 from $595,000!



Adorable Cottage with Ocean View in Nacascolo

The most adorable ocean-view cottage in San Juan del Sur is now available for sale. Don’t miss this chance to buy at such a low price. This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, washing/utility room home has been totally upgraded. Beautiful outdoor patio to watch the ocean, sunsets, or magnificent lightning storms. Totally fenced-in yard with a huge space for your dogs or other animals. Brand new roof and septic system, new paint inside and out.

Beautiful hand-crafted furniture and art on the walls. Room to build another house and/or install a pool. Being sold totally furnished ready for you to enjoy it, you don’t need to buy anything!  The house comes with: Air conditioners, Washing machine, Electronic security, WIFI, cable, gardener, cleaner and caretaker available.

FREE BONUS! 2016 4×4 red diesel double cabin pickup truck in EXCELLENT condition and all papers in order. Buy the house and get a truck for free; you are good to go!

Trees: coconut palms, citrus, moringa, mango, papaya, guava, pomegranate, almond, cashew, banana, plantain, jocote, and nispero. Raised garden and ground garden: culantro, basil, red peppers, rosemary, oregano, hierba buena, mint, squash, watermelon, pipian, chayote, sweet potatoes and more. Many potted plants and flowers.  $195,000 Reduced from $275,000!



Casa Samelia Pacific Oceanfront House with Stairs to the Ocean

Owner Financing Now Available With 50% Down!  Casa Samelia is a beautiful oceanfront house about 30 feet above the Pacific Ocean with direct ocean access via concrete stairs to a rocky beach.  Unique one of a kind property located just north of the La Jolla community in the gated development of Pacific Marlin, in San Juan del Sur.  Fall asleep listening to the waves at night or enjoy the spotlight that lights up the night time ocean so you can enjoy the view of the waves crashing on the rocks below 24/7.

The fully furnished house features 3 bedrooms with air conditioning and 3.5 bathrooms. The fully equipped spacious kitchen has stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops, a dishwasher, island with stove and exhaust hood, and a large pantry.   Additional amenities include a large screen TV with satellite TV, a DVD player, and a pool table.

The master bedroom has two walk-in closets, a makeup mirror, a covered and uncovered balcony, and it opens into a private library/office area all overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Enjoy views of the waves crashing on the rocks as you work in your home office.

Casa Samelia has a large covered and uncovered poolside patio, a large pool with a heated Jacuzzi, an outdoor shower, half a bathroom, and a gas BBQ.  A thatch roofed umbrella cliff side provides shade for the lounge chairs while you watch and listen to the waves crashing on the rocks 30 feet below.

There is a large separate laundry room with lots of storage space, counter space for folding clothes, a washer & dryer, a mop sink, and a utility sink.  Numerous closets plus a large kitchen pantry provide ample storage in this three level home.  A separate caretaker’s residence with easy access to the gated parking area gives you privacy and security.

A backup generator is on site for power outages and a water tank means water is always available. The property also has an electric security fence and gated parking within the secured area for 2 vehicles minimum, possibly more depending on the size of the vehicles.

Beautiful landscaping surrounds the pool and provides privacy in this remodeled house with great attention to detail. The artistic style security bars on the doors and windows add style while providing great security if you want to sleep with the doors or windows open.

Enjoy the feeling of privacy and security as a resident of Pacific Marlin, located far enough outside of town to escape the noise, yet close enough to enjoy convenient access to the amenities of San Juan del Sur.   $720,000 Reduced from $849,000!



Casa Guayacan South of Playa Hermosa

Casa Guayacan is a delightfully private, Mediterranean-style villa set on approximately four acres and conveniently located a short, ten-minute drive south on a clean, safe, paved road from the hip, friendly beach-town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  Built among lush, tropical gardens perched high on a hill, above the jungle, the one bedroom air conditioned villa with separate one-bedroom Casita Colibri enjoys magnificent panoramic valley and ocean views stretching out over 100 km along Nicaragua’s stunning “Emerald Coastline.”   The hidden cave and waterfall cascading into the pool beckons you to cool off in the 30-foot long infinity-like swimming pool with a swim up bar.

The Casa Guayacan includes a dressing room, master bathroom with large outdoor garden shower, fully equipped kitchen with granite counter tops, and a large lounge area with two queen sized futon beds.  Enjoy a romantic dinner for two on the outdoor covered patio adjacent to a custom built water fall and take in the world famous Pacific Ocean overlooking the private pool and terrace.  Or you can eat indoors at the kitchen bar area.

Casita Colibri, located below and out of site from Casa Guayacan, is a small compact one bedroom casita with a small but perfectly functioning kitchen which is perfect for rentals, guests, etc.  Casita Colibri also includes a great rancho with an outdoor dining area and lounge space with valley and Pacific Ocean views.

Nicaragua’s number one beach, the 2 km-long cream colored sandy beach of Playa Hermosa is a short 10 minute drive down the hill where you will find surfing lessons, swimming, or lots of hammocks under rustic ranchos to chill out in, snooze, read or just relax.  The beach restaurant serves great food and the cocktail bar is always open!

Another plus is this property is beside and connected to Villa Loma B&B.  You can enjoy meals there and/or put the casa or casita under their rental management as long as it remains a B&B.  Only $259,000 Reduced from $299,000 for 2 houses and 4 acres!!!



Las Escadas – First Floor 2 Bedroom Condo in a Convenient Location

This 2 bedroom condo is located on the first floor of the Las Escadas development, 2 km on the main road out of San Juan del Sur.

This first floor condo is ideally located and has a nice patio. All the high end finishes including excellent quality kitchen cabinets with the slow close feature on the doors and drawers to prevent “slamming” are included. The master bedroom has a large closet and two sinks in the bathroom. The guest bedroom has a full bathroom, which is also accessible from the living areas. The very spacious 96 m² construction allows enough space in the bedrooms for a king size bed or two twin beds.

Owner financing is available for this condo with a significant down payment.  The building is finished and the builder only needs to finish off the interior of this condo. Also included are 3 dual inverter air conditioning units, furniture, and appliances.  All you need to do is unpack or put it on the rental market.

As a resident of the Las Escadas development you’ll enjoy access to great amenities such as a large salt water pool (great for you and the environment!), rancho and BBQ grill, and a laundry area. All this while being within a convenient walking distance to the center of town. Contact us today to find out more about this great 2 bedroom condo!  $140,000 Reduced again from $199,000!



2 Bedroom Las Escadas Townhouse for Sale Close To Town

2 bedroom Las Escadas townhouse for sale, just a 10 minute walk from the center of San Juan del Sur.

The first floor of this modern townhouse has the dining room and kitchen, complete with a breakfast bar and stainless appliances. There is also a living area and a private patio. On the second level you will find the master bedroom with an ensuite dual sink bathroom. The second bedroom has 2 bunk beds. There is also a living area as well as a smaller bathroom. Another private patio is accessible from the second floor.

As a resident of Las Escadas, you’ll have full use of their common areas, a rancho, and a large salt water pool. There are also laundry facilities and private parking on site. Enjoy the tranquil feeling of being outside the center of San Juan del Sur, yet still take advantage of the convenience of being able to walk to town!   Reduced again to $140,000 from $199,000




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