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For Sale $80,000 Bargain - Business

Vortex Camping and Entertainment Complex is located beside two of the biggest and most popular hostels in the San Juan del Sur area, PUK Palace (formerly Casa de Olas) and Naked Tiger.  Vortex is located in an area know as Escadas on lot #8.  The owner has taken great advantage of the slopping curved landscape on lot #8 and constructed an outdoor amphitheater.

At the top of the property is a kitchen and bar area.  Prepare concert style snacks and sell ice cold beer to the party goers.  This kitchen area is also perfect for feeding your hostel and camping clients.  The property also has one small finished building with dorm rooms and two partially finished dorm buildings that can be completed for more bed spaces.  Another option is to expand on the camping idea by setting up tents for rent.  All of this construction is at the top of the hill around the slightly terraced land surrounding the natural amphitheater area.

The gently terraced land needs a little more work to make it perfect for picnic blanket style seating.  You can also expand the seating area on the hill surrounding the stage and dancing space directly in front of the stage.

The property has a very nice one bedroom studio style house with a spacious ocean view patio for the owner/manager.  If you prefer not to live in the house, it can function as an independent rental.  The house is located right beside the entrance of Vortex and the hostel next door.

Vortex Camping and Entertainment Complex is a large property with enormous potential for growth!  This is your opportunity to orchestrate a proper music festival location by applying your imagination and hosting skills.  Create the next “Go To” Entertainment Place in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua!  San Juan del Sur needs a live music festival area to host entertainment events such as concerts, plays, comedies, contests, etc.

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