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September Monthly Update

WHAT’S HAPPENING (sorry I don’t know how to post the photos here, please email me if you want to see the full update including the photos)  


New images and virtual 360 degree tours!

Pro photographer blends flash shots with exposure bracketing to provide true colors while retaining ambiance, shadows, and window views with a natural appearance.

I’ll share more information in about a week on his services!



Health update:  Yes I’ve been sick and here is what happened, how I treated it, and my recommendations to you J

  1. Friday the 21st of August I woke up with a non-itchy rash on my torso and a fever of 102.  Via WhatsApp I messaged the bilingual Dr. Dennis (+505-8434-2099) at the pharmacy across from the church with my symptoms and a video of the rash.  He told me what tests to get at the laboratory here in town.


  1. Laboratorio Clinco Nicaraguensa is a private lab, on the one-way street leaving town (4th street from the beach) just past the end of the parking lot of Royal Chateau Hotel (2224-5013 office, WhatsApp +505-7559-0104 or +505-5818-7664).  The tests aren’t free but they are very inexpensive, around $25. The lab sent me the results via WhatsApp in about 2 hours which I forwarded to Dr. Dennis and a doctor friend of mine in the states who confirmed all of his various findings and decisions throughout my illness.



  1. Dennis determined I had an allergic reaction to something.  He prescribed some medicine but my fever would go right back up to 102 when the Tylenol was wearing off.  I didn’t get a Covid test, but Dr. Dennis confirmed I didn’t have it. He said if I did, there were two things in my blood work that would have been elevated but they were at normal levels.   I didn’t work as I couldn’t focus on anything with a clear head, couldn’t read, didn’t look at Facebook, just slept A LOT and watched mindless movies on Netflix.


  1. Sunday afternoon I was super weak, dizzy, super thirsty, walked like a drunk but hadn’t drank a drop of alcohol since Thursday night; felt absolutely awful so…..Monday morning before eating, I went back to the lab with a poop and urine sample to check for parasites, had my sugar and cholesterol levels checked, and the lab also recommended a bacteria test based on my symptoms plus some other blood work.  This cost about $45 and they sent me the results via WhatsApp in about 2 hours which I forwarded to both doctors.


  1. The tests confirmed I had Amoeba (protozoarios), a nasty bugger of a parasite, and H. Pylori bacteria, a stomach bacteria that can cause ulcers.  Now I know why I was experiencing more frequent indigestion over the past 2 months!    And I also had a dry cough and major brain fog which can be caused by a parasite infection, not Covid as I was worried about! Monday late morning Dr. Dennis prescribed 2 antibiotics for the bacteria, 1 for the parasite, plus 1 pill to protect my stomach for 10 days.  4 pills 2 times per day 9 am and 9 pm.  These were super strong and made me very ill, unfocused, and sleepy!


  1. 4 days into the 10 day treatment on Thursday morning I was super dizzy and almost passed out on the toilet with cold sweats.  Dr. Dennis recommended checking my liver function so…..back to the lab for my third blood test in a 6 days. L  This set of tests was around $55 because of the liver function tests.


  1. Liver function came back abnormal and Dr. Dennis recommended I get an ultrasound on my liver first thing Friday morning, one week from the first problem. The ultrasound and radiologia lab is in Rivas, turn left at the first gas station in Rivas and it is immediately on the right, Dr. Milton Zapata Jerez.  2563-4627 office or 8512-1755 Claro or 8688-3802 Tigo – no appointment needed, first come first served.  Cost 500 cords or $14.50 for the liver ultrasound.  So inexpensive I also got my breasts checked for an additional 500 cords since I won’t get a mammogram!   Thankfully boobs are all good J


  1. Ultrasound showed an abscess in my liver from the parasites.   So……I started eating foods to help restore my liver and continued to take the medicine and tolerated the side effects of the meds which also included pooping A LOT!  Seriously I couldn’t figure out where it was all coming from!


  1. Thursday, 13 days after the start of all this, was my first medicine free day and first full day in the office. While on the meds at most I could do about an hour a day before feeling like I was going to fall off my chair!


  1. I’ll get follow up tests this week, will continue to stay off the alcohol, and continue to eat 5-6 small meals a day until I know my liver is healed!  So far I’ve paid Dr. Dennis 500 cords, $14,50 but I’m sure I owe him another 500 cords for his continued support and checking in on me.


  1. My advice to you no matter where you live, parasites are everywhere, get your poop checked for parasites every 6 months in Nicaragua and probably yearly in other places!  Drink a coconut water every day, this was something I got out of the habit of doing when I laid off my maid in March because of Covid.  Years before I had parasites and I’ve been drinking coconut water almost daily since without any infections until I laid off my maid. L   Check out this website for more information on parasites and how to prevent them naturally,your%20body%20free%20from%20parasites.&text=Coconut%20water%20can%20kill%20parasites,coconut%20will%20also%20kill%20parasites.


Below is a link to an article providing details on Nicaragua reopening to tourism with some commercial flights resuming on Oct. 1st.  I’m praying this happens and they don’t push back another month!

  • Mexico City on Aeromexico, resuming Oct 1
  • Miami on American & Avianca, resuming Oct 7
  • Houston on United, resuming Oct 1
  • San Salvador on Avianca, resuming Oct 1
  • Panama on Copa, resuming Oct 2


A tour Group booking Charter flights on Avianca has brought in a few flights successfully and a few of my clients who will restart their lives here!  Below is information to contact them.

My neighbors have finally started to remodel the property on the corner to restore their historic house.  Here are a few photos of the demolition of the old apartments and BDF Bank that was in front of the historic house being brought back to its glory days J



Check out my videos on my YouTube page for updates and views around SJDS including a fighting rooster that will be trained for personal protection and crossing the river when it’s flowing into the ocean:


I pray that everyone is safe and sound and for a resolution to this mess!  And for a little humor although I DON’T wish a divorce on anyone!


Traveling and or living in the 3rd world…shows a person how much they have…and how much they don’t need! I love my simple life here, come join me!


Online School for your children

San Juan del Sur Day School

Now your children can receive a great education even if you don’t live in SJDS full time!  Link for San Juan del Sur Day School online learning opportunity:


Package Delivery Service

New office in San Juan del Sur

CARGOTRANS has numerous offices all around Nicaragua and now they have opened an office in San Juan del Sur 70 meters west of the Uno gas station on the way into town.  You will be able to ship and receive international packages! 8787-3661 or 8560-0841.


The first one actually made me cry – Best Pats on the Back Yet!

Our team helps with everything; it isn’t just all me!

We worked with Walter at Expat Car solutions to find the exact right car which is our Landcruiser Safari. When we managed to find one in SJDS, even though he was in Managua, he came into town and viewed the car/inspected and then met us to talk us through the process of purchasing a vehicle here in Nicaragua.

If you’re moving to Nicaragua and need a reliable vehicle serviced by one of the most knowledgeable mechanics in the country – I implore you to work with Walter, he’s an incredible wealth of information, patient and has a great sense of humor.

The reason we “found” Walter is because of

Natalie Sullivan

– real estate agent extraordinaire (and now beloved friend) who took the time to introduce us to SO many helpful businesses and people. She actually introduced us to the seller of our new vehicle as well as the exceptional engineer

Ricardo Vargas

who will be breaking ground on our beautiful home soon. His work so far has been nothing short of professional, timely and detailed.

If you’re looking to make a big life change by moving to paradise I can’t tell you enough how easy Natalie has made the purchase of our property, temporary rental home, orientation of a new life and finding all the resources we need to settle in.

Moving to another country can be scary, but when a fellow North American has managed to live and love her life down here in Nicaragua for 15 years, most of your fears can be easily quelled by knowing how much she loves her life.

Natalie is NOT a realtor, she’s like a fairy godmother who helps you to weave a dream that sometimes is super overwhelming. You have NO idea what kind of concierge service a real estate agent can bring to the table until you meet her. Stardust!

Feeling incredibly grateful today for all of the fantastic people we’ve had the pleasure of befriending here in Nica in the last 18 days. It really speaks volumes when a person with honesty and integrity lends you their contacts…..class all the way with all these folks.

Sasha & Jeff

Good job Natalie for keeping up with your messages despite the challenges for the tourist industry.

You give everyone a great example of resilience and perseverance.


I love your reports and I think you’re doing a great job for your clients and the people of Nicaragua… You are an upbeat ambassador of good will…!!!

I myself am Right side (Corn Islands) at the time being…love visiting San Juan del Sur. And will be returning to Nicaragua when it’s permitted…

Would like to make an appointment to talk when the time is right. Keep your passion going it inspires all of us …

Cheers, James

I enjoy your emails.  Thanks for your service to the community.

Aloha, Eric


Looking for a Rental When the Travel Bans are Lifted?  We now accept credit cards for a rental reservation!

We Have Lots of Properties to Choose From

Casa Morada is a massive house with a fantastic open patio to the largest and deepest personal pool I know of in the SJDS area.  4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


Need Furniture – Help Support Locals

Come by the office!

By selling custom made wooden furniture, shelves, cutting boards, serving trays, etc., we are keeping workers employed so they can support their families during these difficult times.  Thank you to the clients who have already purchased furniture; you are their heroes!  I can send you photos/videos of the custom made wooden furniture and accessories here on display at the office or they can make what you want.  Give them a photo and they can duplicate it J



We Have Over 300 Listings – Below are only the featured listings for this month!

Go to to see more!

Type reduced or bargain in the keyword box, or whatever you are looking for,

And quickly find all the properties that match!


Casa Guayacan South of Playa Hermosa

Casa Guayacan is a delightfully private, Mediterranean-style villa set on approximately four acres and conveniently located a short, ten-minute drive south on a clean, safe, paved road from the hip, friendly beach-town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  Built among lush, tropical gardens perched high on a hill, above the jungle, the one bedroom air conditioned villa with separate one-bedroom Casita Colibri enjoys magnificent panoramic valley and ocean views stretching out over 100 km along Nicaragua’s stunning “Emerald Coastline.”   The hidden cave and waterfall cascading into the pool beckons you to cool off in the 30-foot long infinity-like swimming pool with a swim up bar.

The Casa Guayacan includes a dressing room, master bathroom with large outdoor garden shower, fully equipped kitchen with granite counter tops, and a large lounge area with two queen sized futon beds.  Enjoy a romantic dinner for two on the outdoor covered patio adjacent to a custom built water fall and take in the world famous Pacific Ocean overlooking the private pool and terrace.  Or you can eat indoors at the kitchen bar area.

Casita Colibri, located below and out of site from Casa Guayacan, is a small compact one bedroom casita with a small but perfectly functioning kitchen which is perfect for rentals, guests, etc.  Casita Colibri also includes a great rancho with an outdoor dining area and lounge space with valley and Pacific Ocean views.

Nicaragua’s number one beach, the 2 km-long cream colored sandy beach of Playa Hermosa is a short 10 minute drive down the hill where you will find surfing lessons, swimming, or lots of hammocks under rustic ranchos to chill out in, snooze, read or just relax.  The beach restaurant serves great food and the cocktail bar is always open!

Another plus is this property is beside and connected to Villa Loma B&B.  You can enjoy meals there and/or put the casa or casita under their rental management as long as it remains a B&B.  Only $259,000 Reduced from $299,000 for 2 houses and 4 acres!!!



Gorgeous Acuarela Modern House Overlooking San Juan Del Sur

All photos are from the new photographer.  Here is a link to a super cool 360 virtual tour.  Place your mouse on the image and then click and drag the mouse left and right or up and down to see the entire room!

This gorgeous Acuarela modern house is the spec home for the Acuarela development, formerly known as Pacific Turtle. The house consists of 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a large living room, dining area, multiple open spaces, a terrace, covered parking, and a double edge infinity pool. Modern decor, furniture, and artwork is found throughout the house. Outside, bordering the infinity pool, a sunken covered lounge area provides the perfect place to entertain family and friends while you take in the beautiful views overlooking San Juan del Sur.

Attention to detail is evident in every room.  The spacious well equipped kitchen features upper cabinets with hydraulic hinges, a double oven, dishwasher, wine cooler, extra-large refrigerator, and ice maker.   Each of the 6 bedrooms has an en suite bathroom and closet spaces including extra closets along the hallway.  Also included is a large utility room with a washer and dryer and central air conditioning.

Recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and great open spaces is the central theme of this modern house with stunning views of San Juan del Sur and the Pacific Ocean.  You can easily walk into town and the beach front restaurants in less than 10 minutes but yet you are above and removed from much of the town’s noise.

Acuarela is a development site in the heart of San Juan del Sur, on the hill to the south of Pelican Eyes. It offers gorgeous Pacific Ocean and valley views from all levels of the development. It has all paved internal roads with underground utilities including Fiber Optic internet and is connected to city water and sewer. All Building sites have been leveled off and are ready for construction.

With easy access to all of San Juan del Sur’s many amenities, this spectacular 400 m² house is fully furnished ready to be occupied and enjoyed. Contact us today to find out more about purchasing this home, or building your own Acuarela modern house on one of the other lots in the development!    $810,000 reduced from $985,000



Acuarela Lots in the Heart of San Juan Del Sur

I sold 3 lots in Acuarela last month, formerly Pacific Turtle, a development site in the heart of San Juan del Sur which offers fabulous Pacific Ocean and valley views from all levels.  Positioned beside Pelican Eyes Resort, this high end development has the same stunning Pacific Ocean views.  Purchase your lot today and build your dream home!  Several lots have already been leveled off and are ready with building sites for construction.

Acurela has easy access to all of San Juan del Sur’s many amenities but is away from the noise of down town.  For the fit individual looking for an active lifestyle, this development has access to several hiking trails and the walk into or back from town up the hill will keep you in fantastic shape.  Situated on the southeast side of San Juan del Sur you have a commanding view of the Bay of San Juan del Sur, the town, and the Pacific Ocean.  Also depending on the lot you will have views back to town and of the statue of Jesus located across the bay in Pacific Marlin.

Acuarela features stamped non-slip concrete roads through the entire development with sidewalks and a gated entrance.  The roads are also complete with drainage for water control during heavy rainstorms.  All underground utilities including electric, water, city sewer connections, and high speed fiber optic internet have also been installed to each lot and all services can be accessed via the manholes positioned along the roads.

Currently Acuarela has one high end finished residence and model home owned by the developer and one private house under construction.  The developer will be happy to help you design and build your house with all the high end amenities you are accustomed to.   $125,000 for a limited time, reduced from $300,000



3 Bedroom Home with Fabulous Privacy Overlooking Nacascolo Bay

All photos are from the new photographer! Here is a link to a super cool 360 virtual tour.  Place your mouse on the image and then click and drag the mouse left and right or up and down to see the entire room!

If you enjoy privacy, this house is for you!  Enjoy fabulous privacy in this remodeled 3 bedroom home with fantastic decorations perfect for your rental investment property or retirement home! 1,500 square foot 3 Bedroom 2.5 bathroom home overlooking Nacascolo Bay and San Juan del Sur.

Details are the only way to describe this home and landscaping! Located directly below Hotel El Jardin where you can easily walk to dinner or have extra guests stay at the hotel and only 8 minutes from San Juan del Sur.  Custom wooden beds with matching night stands are featured in all three air conditioned bedrooms.  The master bedroom has its own private patio just above the waterfall feature of the pool.  Enjoy your morning coffee or evening glass of wine listening to the sound of the waterfall.

The two guest bedrooms have a Jack & Jill bathroom shared between them which features a semicircular outdoor shower.  A glass sliding shower door seals the bathroom from the outside shower.  One of the guest bedrooms also has a window seat with a custom cushion so you can curl up with your favorite book or movie on your iPad.

The partially shaded private pool with a waterfall is super private and great for skinny dipping!  Part of the pool is under the patio roof making it the perfect spot to get out of the sun while in the pool.  There is also a half bath and outdoor pool shower tucked into the corner of the walled in pool patio area.  The pool patio connects to a thatch roofed rancho with a dining table, lounge chair, and double chase lounge.  Enjoy it during the day to escape the sun or evening dining looking at the moon and stars twinkling in the night sky.

Behind the house is a caretaker’s residence and laundry room with a washer and dryer.  There is a large storage room located under the rancho, generator, and backup water tanks located above the caretaker’s residence means you never need to worry about having water.  Reduced to $225,000 from $385,000!



4 Bedroom House for Sale in El Encanto Del Sur

New house with incredible views and rental units for sale in el Encanto del Sur, just 6 minutes from San Juan del Sur. The 1/2 acre property features a main house (completed in March, 2018), as well as a casita and poolside suite. There is over 3,100 square feet of under roof living space all built to North American standards. It is comprised of 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 full kitchens and 1 kitchenette. The property hosts a great garden growing with several palms, and fruit trees, herbs, and shrubs.

The water for the property comes from a well, with backup available from the city supply, as well as a tank. The main house and poolside suite have a solar powered hot water heater. The casita has an on demand hot water system. There is a generator for electricity backup. There are 5 air conditioner units in total. The main house has an air conditioner in each bedroom, as well as the main room. The casita has 1 air conditioner. There is no air conditioning in the poolside suite. All the counters are granite, and there is also a bathroom and outdoor shower by the pool.  $292,000 reduced from $650,000



Bayview Terrace – Convenient Townhome Living  EXCLUSIVE

At $137,500 you can’t find a better deal!!!  Bayview Terrace offers owners or guests a quiet & relaxed visit with great ocean views and an unobstructed view of San Juan del Sur’s famous landmark, the Cristo de la Misericordia statue. Located in the quiet neighborhood of La Talanguera, downtown San Juan del Sur and sandy beaches are all within an easy 15 minutes-walk across the beach.

This spacious, updated, two level, 2 bedroom & 2.5 bathroom condo easily sleeps 6 and comes well equipped with a full kitchen, bed linens & towels. It offers all amenities including Cable TV in each bedroom, internet, DVD, bed linens & towels. Chill on the upper balcony with sea-breeze & ocean views or the lower patio within steps of the plunge pool.

The well equipped kitchen features new appliances, custom made built natural-wood cabinets and a custom made natural-wooden breakfast counter. The living area has new furniture throughout, as well as a custom-built natural-wooden TV console. There is also a guest bathroom on the first floor.

Upstairs, the ensuite master bedroom offers a queen and twin beds, large closet space and a spacious bathroom. The second bedroom is also outfitted with a queen and twin beds, a large closet and a separate large bathroom.

The Bayview Terrace also offers permanent on-site security staff and a great property management team ready to assist with your every need during your stay, and complimentary secure parking is available onsite.   $137,500 reduced from $245,000



Casa Samelia Pacific Oceanfront House with Stairs to the Ocean

Casa Samelia is a beautiful oceanfront house about 30 feet above the Pacific Ocean with direct ocean access via concrete stairs to a rocky beach.  Unique one of a kind property located just north of the La Jolla community in the gated development of Pacific Marlin, in San Juan del Sur.  Fall asleep listening to the waves at night or enjoy the spotlight that lights up the night time ocean so you can enjoy the view of the waves crashing on the rocks below 24/7.

The fully furnished house features 3 bedrooms with air conditioning and 3.5 bathrooms. The fully equipped spacious kitchen has stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops, a dishwasher, island with stove and exhaust hood, and a large pantry.   Additional amenities include a large screen TV with satellite TV, a DVD player, and a pool table.

The master bedroom has two walk-in closets, a makeup mirror, a covered and uncovered balcony, and it opens into a private library/office area all overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Enjoy views of the waves crashing on the rocks as you work in your home office.

Casa Samelia has a large covered and uncovered poolside patio, a large pool with a heated Jacuzzi, an outdoor shower, half a bathroom, and a gas BBQ.  A thatch roofed umbrella cliff side provides shade for the lounge chairs while you watch and listen to the waves crashing on the rocks 30 feet below.

There is a large separate laundry room with lots of storage space, counter space for folding clothes, a washer & dryer, a mop sink, and a utility sink.  Numerous closets plus a large kitchen pantry provide ample storage in this three level home.  A separate caretaker’s residence with easy access to the gated parking area gives you privacy and security.  $720,000 Reduced from $849,000



Kawana Beach House Playa Marsella

All photos are from the new photographer!  Here is a link to a super cool 360 virtual tour.  Place your mouse on the image and then click and drag the mouse left and right or up and down to see the entire room!

Kawana Beach House on Playa Marsella is a beautiful 3 bedroom beachfront villa on Nicaragua’s gorgeous Pacific Coast.  Located on a double lot with 41.83 meters (450.41 feet) of beach frontage, nothing blocks your sunset views!  Playa Marsella, mere steps away just outside the patio wall, is a quiet family beach but super close to the surfing party beach of Playa Maderas.  Playa Marsella is a long sandy beach perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or taking a sunset stroll.   A large rock formation in the bay resembles a submarine or a birthday cake depending on how you view it.

Kawana Beach House is just 20 minutes from San Juan del Sur or 5 minutes to Playa Maderas.  Enjoy numerous restaurants and stores within 2 kilometers including a small unique market and pizza shop and several beachfront restaurants on Marsella and Maderas beaches.  This beautiful private location is surrounded by spectacular nature with a sense of tranquility.  You can safely walk to many places or purchase from the produce trucks that pass by several times a week.

Enjoy the thoughtful floor plan with a separate private master bedroom suite and patio on one end and two guest bedrooms with a shared bathroom on the other end.  Also included in the mostly fenced in property is a detached garage and live-in caretaker’s residence.  The double lot provides more than ample space to add on, build another rental property, volleyball court, or park numerous cars in the massive gated parking area.

Kawama Beach House is a fully furnished and tastefully decorated home with air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, CD player, and a backup generator.   Relax in the hammocks or lounge under the gazebo next to the recently refinished infinity edge pool with a Diamond Brite finish and new trim edging.  Also for your convenience is an outdoor shower and half bath.  Entertaining friends and family is easy with the pool side sink/bar area and two outdoor BBQ’s, one gas grill and one traditional wood fired grill.  The kitchen features a breakfast bar opening into the ocean view living room with sliding doors to access the pool patio.  Attractively priced at $495,000



Hacienda El Camino Del Sol

Hacienda El Camino del Sol occupies the best lot in this yoga community with valley and ocean views.  This large one story 6 bedroom 4 bath home with a 2 car garage that can be converted into a dorm room is perfect for a large family or run it as a B&B or Boutique Hotel sleeping up to 20 people.

With a total of 3,400 square feet (2,950 interior and another 450 courtyard) you have ample space in this Hacienda style home on a ¾ acre lot.

The oven, washer/dryer, and refrigerator are included, other furniture is negotiable.

Enjoy the peace and quiet just 5 minutes from the center of town and the beach in a great yoga community with a salt water lap pool and yoga studio.

Hacienda El Camino del Sol includes custom stainless steel counter tops, walk in food pantry, custom cabinetry, solid core extra wide doors, arched all wood and brick entry, huge walk in showers with his and hers shower heads, family room with great wooden beam vaulted ceilings, great room with a 25 foot tall wooden beam vaulted ceiling with solid 1” tongue and groove wood, custom handcrafted carved eaves throughout entire home, and authentic Spanish cement tile floors.

Every room and bathroom has custom floors, showers, and unique sink tile patterns.  The house also features a large courtyard and large front patio including both covered and uncovered spaces to see the night sky with numerous places to hang your hammocks.  The new home was made to feel older by using 100 year old imported Spanish tile roof above a solid shingle vapor barrier roofing material.  Also included is a water pressure system, stone sinks, custom faucets, lamp sconces, brick archways, and custom ironwork and entry gates including security bars.  The windows come with custom curtains and curtain bars.

Even more amenities in Hacienda El Camino del Sol are a water pressure system, wood fired pizza oven, custom BBQ, additional water storage tank, exterior sinks, gas water heater, huge parking area with front and back entrances, fruit trees, and a garden.

The house also features aluminum windows, 20’ + tall ceilings that vent air outside using energy efficient ventilation and fans keeping the interior at least 10 degrees cooler without needing air conditioning, large storage areas and tons of custom built in wooden cabinets, cloths hanging racks and shoe racks, stairways to terraced yard and pool with great landscaping. Also included is a kid’s play area with a tire swing and maids quarters.  $349,000



Las Escadas – First Floor 2 Bedroom Condo in a Convenient Location

This 2 bedroom condo is located on the first floor of the Las Escadas development, 2 km on the main road out of San Juan del Sur.

This first floor condo is ideally located and has a nice patio. All the high end finishes including excellent quality kitchen cabinets with the slow close feature on the doors and drawers to prevent “slamming” are included. The master bedroom has a large closet and two sinks in the bathroom. The guest bedroom has a full bathroom, which is also accessible from the living areas. The very spacious 96 m² construction allows enough space in the bedrooms for a king size bed or two twin beds.

Owner financing is available for this condo with a significant down payment.  The building is finished and the builder only needs to finish off the interior of this condo. Also included are 3 dual inverter air conditioning units, furniture, and appliances.  All you need to do is unpack or put it on the rental market.

As a resident of the Las Escadas development you’ll enjoy access to great amenities such as a large salt water pool (great for you and the environment!), rancho and BBQ grill, and a laundry area. All this while being within a convenient walking distance to the center of town. Contact us today to find out more about this great 2 bedroom condo!  $140,000 Reduced again from $199,000!



2 Bedroom Las Escadas Townhouse for Sale Close To Town

2 bedroom Las Escadas townhouse for sale, just a 10 minute walk from the center of San Juan del Sur.

The first floor of this modern townhouse has the dining room and kitchen, complete with a breakfast bar and stainless appliances. There is also a living area and a private patio. On the second level you will find the master bedroom with an ensuite dual sink bathroom. The second bedroom has 2 bunk beds. There is also a living area as well as a smaller bathroom. Another private patio is accessible from the second floor.

As a resident of Las Escadas, you’ll have full use of their common areas, a rancho, and a large salt water pool. There are also laundry facilities and private parking on site. Enjoy the tranquil feeling of being outside the center of San Juan del Sur, yet still take advantage of the convenience of being able to walk to town!   Reduced again to $140,000 from $199,000




Casa Del Mar Beachfront House For Sale in San Juan Del Sur

Casa del Mar is a 6 bedroom beachfront house located two and a half blocks north of the Restaurant El Timon in San Juan del Sur. The recently remodeled house previously operated as a B&B, bar, and restaurant. It features 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, storage area, front patio, and central courtyard.  Removing the chain link fence across the front put there for security while empty will greatly improve the appearance of this property!

The great downtown location makes Casa del Mar the perfect place for a business. Keep the classic Victorian construction or modify it to your preferences including adding more floors up to 12 meters high offering views of the entire bay. Whether it be a small hotel or a bar and restaurant, this house has unlimited potential!  $219,000 reduced from $449,000!


If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, please email us!

We have many “unofficial or unadvertised” listings J

Stay Safe & Healthy!