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Buying property in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua can have many benefits. Nicaragua is one of the few countries that allows a foreigner to legally own land. The country’s government supports foreign investment in Nicaragua and therefore has made it easy for foreign investors to gain Nicaraguan residency so you can spend as much time as you like in your new home.

If you want to purchase houses, land, or businesses in the San Juan del Sur area of Nicaragua, please contact our office, we will be glad to help you.  There is a lot of property for sale in San Juan del Sur.  You can purchase a lot or buy various tracts of land that can be developed into a community.  Also there are many houses for sale in San Juan del Sur.  Some of them are existing houses and some are in planned communities to be built.  We can help you find your dream property no mater what you are looking for; land for sale, houses for sale, casas for sale, lots for sale, businesses for sale, etc..

Feel free to visit our offices, south corner of BDF bank on the main street of San Juan del Sur.  One of our sales agents will be happy to discuss with you your desires and make recommendations from our over 300 listings.   On this new website we currently only have about 75% of our listings posted but we are posting more every day.  Our office is multi-lingual, Spanish, English, French, and a little Cantonese!  We specialize in helping you fulfill your dream of purchasing property in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

If you want to build or need a building inspection, working in our office also is a freelance consultant with a master’s degree civil engineering in vertical construction.  Ricardo Vargas performs building inspections, does design work, prepares budgets, and performs construction.




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