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Casa Brisas in Brisas del Pacifico

and good afternoon from discover real

estate this is natalie today i am

outside casabrisis which we have for

sale currently listed for 384 thousand

it’s a three bedroom

three and a half bath house with a pool

this is the house the edge of the lot

that it sits on comes to this row of um

plants right here on the left side of

the screen

however they also own the two lots below

the house so you they own this

and that all the way down past the light

post and then this is the first lots

inside the guarded gate so

they own this extra space here you could

build a play area for your kids you

could build apartments to rent more

houses to sell or rent whatever you

wanted to do


so but they won’t sell the land unless

someone buys the house first so that is

going to be reserved for someone if they

want to buy the house and they want the

extra land it has an extra deep one car

garage and there’s a laundry facility in

the garage too

and i will take you in this i’ll take

you in the front door first

but first let me just show you


the far side of the property the

property goes to this retaining wall

here or the border wall between it and

the next property there this is a side

entrance to get to the gas tank and then

also down to the pool

so the caretaker can do pool maintenance

without having to come through the house


let me take you into the house

this door is really unique when we open

it enough the cleaning lady’s still here

and it is rented so this door pivots

it’s on a pivot

which is really cool

so this house has a renter in it until


so you will see some personal

possessions around for the renter

but check out the living room area here

and then you’ve got the kitchen the

staircase kind of separates the living

area from the

kitchen living room dining room but

being that it’s so open it doesn’t block


another feature

is you’ve got this fantastic patio here

with the pool

so now they brought some of the

furniture from inside outside


this is getting a little bit damaged

being out here

but um

another nice feature is this massive

window right in front of the kitchen so

you can pass food out the window if you

are entertaining and you want to bring

food out here

this is a bedroom over here we’ll go

into and i’ll show you so there is a

bedroom on the first floor

but you have this nice pool

and you can look out across the bay

and go sneeze

ah excuse me

um so you have this beautiful view out

across the bay of san juan del sur

across the bay you see the statue of

jesus up there in pacific marlin and you

are above barrio laplanta so this is

barrio lapanta

you will hear some chickens

and some dogs from time to time

so if that bothers you and you don’t


listening to chickens and dogs this

isn’t the ideal house for you


and then the property

this is a shower for the pool here

this is the gate where you came in you

can come in from the road

and then this just goes down to the

access to the pool pump and stuff the

property ends here on the right at this

wall so this wall belongs to the


let me see if this door is open if i

need to go in through the house nope

it’s locked okay

so you’ve got slidings you’ve got

sliding um glass doors here and you can

vent the top

and then also there’s screens there

let me back up here

and give you a look at the house

upstairs are two bedrooms

the hallway the staircase comes up

between the two bedrooms and then

there’s a big patio up here to the right

let me show you the kitchen area here

you got a nice big concrete

um countertop

table of five chairs

lots of light in here there’s lots of

windows all around

this house so there’s windows above the


big sliding glass door there and massive

window here so

from the kitchen sink you have a

fantastic view of the bay

and as i said you can open these screens

and pass food in or out

so you’ve got a nice big

lots of space to cook

six burner stove

exhaust hood

also on the main level here you have a

half bathroom

let me show you this


nice counter top with a concrete



and then the toilet back here

and you have a window in the bathroom so

you got natural light

you’ve got the cane ceilings in here and

then really nice ceiling fan so there’s

there’s a ceiling fan in the kitchen and

above the dining

and then two above the living room area


and the recessed lighting and also in

this house you have air conditioning in

the living room area and an air

conditioner in the kitchen area a lot of

houses here don’t have air conditioning

in the kitchen and living room areas but

this one does

now let me take you into the garage

because it’s one way to access into

um the bedroom let me show you the

garage you’ve got the water pump there

you got a generator you have a laundry

sink here which is great for cleaning

fish too if you’ve been fishing

and then the washer and dryer and so

you’ve got an automatic garage door

opener which is also

a little rare around here um but a nice

big deep garage with lots of storage

space in it

and you have the hot here’s the hot

water it’s an on-demand system

now this door goes into the garage so

it’s got a closet space here or not the

garage the store goes into the

downstairs bedroom so you’ve got closet

space here

this door takes you out to the pool area

so you have from this bedroom you have

direct access to the pool

it can be rented out separately

if you wanted and people could access it

through the garage

but you’ve got a table here like a low


and a queen size bed

and air conditioning and then the same

nice ceiling fans and the bamboo ceiling

or the cane ceiling

the bathroom hello

you have a nice concrete countertop once

again and they’ve got this special like

edge around here which is really it’s

attractive it’s very nice

and the shower

and steve and angela no special shower

head so but nice tile work in the shower

these this is a very attractive tile

um in the shower and it has

a nice uh window in the shower too


so you’ve got two nightstands nice

windows in here

let me go back through the garage to get

into the main house

and i’ll take you upstairs

now these stairs freak out some people

maybe i’ve gone up them enough time

showing this house we used to manage it

too so


i’m friends with the current owners so

it’s just like some people get freaked

out about the stairs i don’t have a

problem with them i think they’re kind

of cool

okay at the top of the steps you have a

bedroom on the left and bedroom on the

right i’ll take you into the bedroom on

the left here first

let me give you a look down the stairs

and also straight ahead is the door that

goes out to the patio so

so in this bedroom we have a king-sized


and it is surrounded by light we’ve got

all these windows and doors in here

and just amazing views

to san juan del sur not across the bay


nice windows same cane ceiling same

ceiling fan

here is the bathroom


got a nice smear double sink or double

vanity for anna

and the toilet

nice shower head


and once again this really nice tile

that they have in the showers

and it’s non-slip too which is really


and even the tile floor in the bathroom


is this

i think it’s the same yeah this just

isn’t wet so the floor is the same

but then the main house just has the

concrete floors throughout

so you’ll see a little bit of cracking

here and there from the concrete

just but it’s nothing major

just the way that it is and then across

here is another bedroom

and in this bedroom they just have what

looks like a queen sized bed

and a single bed

now this one is got lots of windows in


and just

the sliding glass doors to go to the

patio here with lots of windows above it

too so oh let me zoom back in no wonder

i can’t see anything

i’m sorry


and you also have

a bed a bathroom here

with two vanities double vanity hello


normal shower head

but you’ve got the cane ceilings

but nice concrete sink or you know

concrete countertops and the sinks all

look very nice

the same tile in the shower

and on the bathroom floor that is


and then the concrete on the floors

throughout the house


let me take you out to the patio

let me give you a look at this room now

that i’m not zoomed in so

sorry about that before

there you have this great light and

space in here and great breezes in this

house you really don’t need the air

conditioning um because

you’re up here on the hill and the

breezes here are just fantastic


now this gives you direct access to the

patio that goes in front of both


and down here’s the pool

there’s the bedroom on the corner

once again they have they move some of

the indoor furniture out here it needs

real patio furniture for out here

let me give you

a look at the house from here

so two master bedrooms on the top floor

because they both have double vanities

in the bathrooms or two sinks in each


now there’s three houses right along

here and they’re all the same design and

all built by the same builder

houses they made this a salad wall and

made a third bedroom upstairs so there

is a possibility if you want to have

another bedroom you can enclose part of

this big space and make it another

bedroom and you would still have plenty

of space here

for some

sunbathing in the sun if you wanted that

take you back in and downstairs


because if you wanted you could add a

railing under here

but i’ve been on i just grabbed a hold

of these when i’m going up and down the


i don’t know what you call these things


suspensions um and that works fine for

me when going up and down the stairs so

let me give you one more look at the

main house

and as i said it’s really nice that they

have the air conditioning

um in the living room and in the kitchen

area most of the houses here don’t have

that so

and take one more look out here to the


the other nice thing this house you can

easily walk in and out of town from it

so it’s not a steep hill to get up to

get to this house

which is another big benefit i walk this

neighborhood for my morning exercise now

every now and then

um because i like to climb the hills

this neighborhood keeps going up up and

up so

uh it’s a great neighborhood great views

out across the bay

i love my life

come join me