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April Updates 2019

April Updates I love it when I’m getting a pedicure and clients stop in to see me then join me!  Only 120 Cordoba or $3.70 What’s Happening The Hospital in San Juan del Sur is Finally Open!!! – The new…

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March Updates 2019

March Updates Every night you can watch beach volleyball as the sun sets! Whats Happening Marina Finally a new development that started moving dirt a few weeks ago, has plans for a marina!!!! I toured the development located on Nacascolo…

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February Updates 2019

February Updates It is property tax time again; let us know if you want help paying your property taxes for a $65 fee. What’s Happening I hired Alice a month ago and she is absolutely amazing! She has spruced up…

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January Updates 2019

No Place is Perfect January Updates Canada, Germany, and Austria have lowered their travel warning levels; reservations are coming in! Time to book your surf trip!!! Photo credits to Dan and Cesar What’s Happening From this crisis, I have learned that…

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