4 Acres in Las Delicias on the Road to Playa Coco

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  • 4 acres in Las Delicias
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For Sale $85,000 Only $21,250 an acre! - Land

This 4 acre property is located in las Delicias on the road to Playa Coco, just 5 minutes from downtown San Juan del Sur. It is perfect for any type of use such as a hotel, residential development, business, farm, or build the house of your dreams! Situated just far enough outside of town that you feel like you are in the middle of nature, yet still have convenient access to the amenities in town. There is a river that borders the property, and the power lines are only 200 meters away.

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Agent Jean Carlos Sandino

  • Mail : jean.sandino@discoversjds.com
  • Office : 2568-2593
  • Mobile : 8966-6690

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