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Property ID : 6226

For Sale $10,000,000 - Land


Encanto del Mar has a rectangular shape located along the coastline, its location on the road to Costa Rica will give the property an extra value when the coastal road is finished.

This property is surrounded by ongoing real estate development north and south. To the west is the pacific ocean, and the east boundary is a few meters away from the projected coastal way.


Encanto del Mar presents different attitudes from sea level up to 200 meters. More than 50% of the property is between approximately 100 and 200 meters above sea level, specially in the middle section of the property. This particular feature allows for dramatical ocean views.


The total area of the property is 1075 acres or 621.3 manzanas local measurement unit, with approximately 11840 feet (3500 meters) of beautiful beaches ,cliffs and hills. Encanto’s del mar rectangular shape has about 50% of the property facing the pacific ocean, this fact gives Encanto’s del mar a very high market value because of the hundred of ocean views and ocean front homes and condominiums that can be developed. The rest of the property is overlooking the forest, an important value for nature loving people.

Main features 

The first beach located at the north of the property has 638 meters or 2092 feet long. The beach is a mix of sand and marine rock formation with an interesting monumental rock peninsula at the west end. This formation creates two beautiful coves, leaving usable space north and south of the peninsula.

there is also a small beach located at the middle of the property coastline from the hills and bluffs the futures homes and residences will have a breathtaking view of the pacific ocean.

The south beach at the end of the property has approximately 350 meters or 1150 feet of sandy beach  and 360 meters or 1181 feet of ocean view bluffs.

The property with its beach  areas, hills and valleys provides a tremendous potential for development. Most lots will have ocean views, Prime locations will have beach access.

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