Lots for sale Vista Playa Marsella

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For Sale $35,000 per 1,000 sq. meters - Land

Lots in Playa Marsella, This property with 40 manzanas is located at the intersection between Playa Maderas and Playa Marsella.  These amazing lots offer you both destinations where you can go for a relaxing day at the beach or you can practice surfing. This property is divided in two areas; one of the areas is planted with fruit trees and precious hardwood trees. The other area is a virgin green area, where no work has been done before allowing you to do any type of work that you want.

This property has easy access to energy services to make your electrical connections quickly.  Water is also available and it is a short 1.2 kilometer walk to Playa Marsella and .9 kilometer walk to Playa Maderas.  All this with only a 20 minute drive to San Juan del Sur.

This property can be subdivided with prices starting at $35 dollars per square meter.

Playa Marsella

Playa Marsella is about 10 kilometers from town though a 15-20 minute drive depending on road conditions as the Chocolata Road  (aka, the Coastal Highway Road) is currently a dirt road. In Feb 2017, the Nicaraguan government began work to pave the Coastal Highway Road, beginning at the Costa Rican border and will include this entire stretch as well.

Playa Maderas 

Playa Madera is located in the north of San Juan del Sur, about 20 min from town, Playa Maderas is a beach break that is a good spot for beginners to advanced surfers, as the inside section has a re-form that is great for learning and the outside section is fun, workable, and on many swells hollow tubes for intermediate and advanced surfers with both lefts and rights to be had.



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Agent Jean Carlos Sandino

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