Hostel Property 27% Ownership Available

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For Sale $130,000 Bargain price - Business
9,000 sq. feet 12 Bedrooms 8 Bathrooms
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27% of the building and property consisting of 2,600 sq. meter lot which previously housed the popular hostel Casa de Olas and is now rented to PUK Palace.  The owner of these shares will guarantee you a 4% rate of return on your share of the rental income for the next 3 years.


This hostel, with a great location next to Naked Tiger, is located 1 kilometer east of San Juan del Sur in an area locally known as Escadas on lot #6.  It is within easy driving distance of San Juan del Sur and is ideally positioned on a ridge top providing views east and west including amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, San Juan del Sur, and the valley.


The lot contains approximately 9,000 sq. feet of construction which accommodates 90 guests, a pool, commercial kitchen, dining area, and two bar/social areas.   The construction and finishes are ideal for a hostel which is the best use of this property considering the neighboring property to the south is Naked Tiger Hostel and to the north is a new hostel/camping/entertainment area called The Vortex.  The Vortex is also for sale for $80,000.  And there is an additional 7,000 sq. meters of land across the road available for $70,000 – lots of space to expand and build an empire!


This hostel property is connected to city water with a two tank system of 20,000 liters at the bottom of the hill pumped up to a 45,000 liter tank at the hostel.


Please contact us for more information about the Hostel Property 27% ownership.



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Agent Natalie Sullivan

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"I love my life" is what you frequently hear me say!  I absolutely love living in San Juan del Sur…
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