Farm at Miravalle

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For Sale $140,000 - Land

This is a farm located in Miravalle a rare opportunity to own 25 manzanas (17 acres) of unspoiled jungle property with spectacular views. This property is perfect for those who want to live off grid outside the network in a peaceful jungle environment surrounded by wildlife and nature. Located just 8 kilometers east of San Juan del Sur, this property is perfect for the right person with the vision of building the perfect hacienda or Eco-lodge.

The property of 17 acres in total has almost 4 acres that reaches the top of a mountain. From the top you receive incredible views with a mountainous landscape towards the community of Miravalle.  From this elevation, the owners are guaranteed to witness impressive sunsets throughout the year.

The valley below mountain has a slightly warmer climate and has a healthy soil for agriculture. The virgin land on the lower side is a great place to clear the trails to enjoy hiking or start a small farm to grow produce.

Although the energy does not currently reach the property, it is a short distance away and easily accessible if you want to connect to the city’s electricity grid. Water is available in the lower half of the land where a 280-foot well has been dug which is located on the river bank providing water to the property. This 17-acre property shares a border with another land owner who uses his property to help keep Nicaragua natural and untouched. The intention is to keep the surrounding area wild, wild areas are perfect for enjoying the wildlife.

Agent Jean Carlos Sandino

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