Development Lot #1 in Las Fincas de Escamequita

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  • Lot 1 Las Fincas de Escamequita
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For Sale $259,000 Reduced from $290,000 - Land

Lot #1 in Phase I of Las Fincas de Escamequita consits of 36.89 manzanas or 64.206 acres of prime property ready to be enjoyed all to yourself or subdivided into a maximum of 3 smaller parcels.  The bargain property has 4 good ocean view spots along the ridge and farm land in the valley.  The property can easily be divided into 3 large parcels as long as you stay within the development restrictions and regulations.  A large section has been reforested which is now full of wildlife and connects directly with the private nature reserve with many hiking trails.  This property is perfect for a B&B or small eco-hotel with a restaurant featuring health or “raw” foods however everything must be approved by the development.  No nightclubs, discos, auto repair shops, or anything that would disrupt the peace and tranquility of Las Fincas de Escamequita with excessive light or noise pollution will be permitted.

Las Fincas de Escamequita is an eco-friendly development situated about 5 miles south of San Juan de Sur with views of the Pacific Ocean and great valley and mountain views too.  Enjoy the convenience of the city and the tranquility of the country.  The unique combination makes an ideal living situation.  The average lot is about 2 acres each with may lots being much larger and as part of the vision of Las Fincas, it includes access to a 450 acre private nature reserve to protect trees and wildlife.  Much of this reserve is intertwined within the building sites, along a river, and back up into primary hills.

Las Fincas is a solar powered community and eco-friendly construction of only one story is all that is permitted.  You can connect to the community well with pure drinkable water or drill  your own well on your property.  Annual Home Owners Association fees are $600 per year.

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Agent Natalie Sullivan

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