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El Ostional is a coastal town on the Pacific Ocean, in the municipality of San Juan del Sur and Rivas department in south-west Nicaragua.

El Ostional is located south of La Flor,  170 kilometers south of Managua and 10.5 kilometers from the border with Costa Rica. and, unlike towns like San Juan del Sur or Granada on the other side of the country which is strongly dominated by foreign investment, this great little town manages to ensure that it maintains its distinctly local flair.

The small town of El Ostional in Nicaragua is only home to about 700 people, yet it is surprisingly well developed for tourism. Locals run the vast majority of tourist-orientated activities and provide services such as accommodation, tours and food. This is in stark contrast to other, better known cities in other parts of the country where it is foreigners who have developed the local tourist industry. Village life in El Ostional continues more or less uninterrupted and many visitors find that it is a treat to observe. There is definitely a certain ambiance here – a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that pervades every activity and way of life –



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This property is a flat lot of two manzana (3.2 acres). This property is  located just 5 minutes by car…

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